Laos Opens First Industrial Explosives Factory

First industrial explosives factory opens in Laos (Photo Lao Pattana)
First industrial explosives factory opens in Laos (Photo: Lao Pattana)

The first industrial explosives factory in Laos was officially opened on Monday and is expected to begin producing explosives soon.

According to a report by Lao Phattana News, the site is the first industrial explosives factory to be built in Laos, aimed at producing safe civil explosives.

Deputy Director of the General Technical Department, Ministry of National Defense, Brigadier General Thongphan Southammavong, says the industrial explosives factory is a joint venture between Laos and China, operated by the Khamxay-Jing Xin Company, with a 25 percent stake held by the government of Laos.

The industrial explosives factory commenced construction in December 2017 in Bolikhamsay Province and is valued at over USD 45 million, according to Brigadier General Thongphan Southammavong.

The factory is the most modern in Southeast Asia and will contribute to the socio-economic development of Laos, as well as creating employment.

A launch ceremony was held on Monday, attended by Minister of National Defense, General Chansamone Chanyalath, and Director of the Khamxay-Jing Xin Company.