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Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Three Large Bombs Found and Destroyed in Khammouane

This Week

This week, MAG’s unexploded ordnance (UXO) clearance team found and safely destroyed three large air-dropped bombs in Boualapha and Gnommalath districts, Khammouane province.

The first bomb, weighing 500lb or 227kg, was found during clearance of paddy fields in Nahome village. It was found only 300 metres from a residential area.

Unearthing a bomb

The second large bomb weighing 750lb or 340kg was found during clearance of paddy fields in Sangpoungbone village. It was found only 50 metres from a residential area and 100 metres from the main road to Vietnam border.

The third bomb weighing 500lb or 227kg was reported by the community in Saenphan village. It was half-buried only 100 metres from the access road to village, in a rock quarry.

MAG (Mines Advisory Group) has found and destroyed 4 large bombs as well as 2,751 cluster bombs and 176 other items of explosive ordnance such as mortars and projectiles this year so far.

In 2020, MAG identified a total of 93 square kilometers of land as confirmed hazardous areas through survey processes, and 8,893,5711 square meters of land was cleared of UXO.

Through survey, clearance and roving tasks, MAG safely destroyed 17 large bombs; as well as 20,499 cluster munitions and other items. MAG also delivered 164 risk education sessions with 4,998 people. All of this is helping thousands of people to use their land without fear.

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