Five-Car Pileup Biggest Accident Over Long Weekend

Five-car pileup accident in Vientiane Capital

The long weekend saw several accidents across the country, including a five-car pileup in Vientiane Capital on Sunday.

Five vehicles crashed into one another in Bolek Village, in Xaythany District, as a pickup truck plowed into a truck, with vehicles behind crashing into one another.

The Vientiane Rescue service arrived on the scene to assist those involved in the accident, while fortunately no deaths and only minor injuries were recorded, according to popular social media page, Tholakhong.

Meanwhile, an accident was reported on the same evening at the traffic lights near the morning market in Chanthabouly District of Vientiane Capital.

Video footage shows the car speeding through a red light while another car passes through a green light, causing one car to roll onto its side.

This weekend the Vientiane to Vang Vieng Expressway suffered only a traffic jam, despite a large number of vehicles using the road to travel to Vang Vieng.