Thailand Announces it Could Reopen by October

Thailand could reopen by October

Thailand could be completely reopened by October if all sectors are successful in containment efforts, according to Thailand’s Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration.

The country could reopen with all Covid-19 restrictions lifted if all sectors continue to cooperate with the government in its containment efforts, Bangkok Post reports.

Among the major requirements for reopening the country, after more than a year of costly restrictions, was the public sector’s readiness to resume normal life, said CCSA assistant spokeswoman Apisamai Srirangson.

Dr. Apisamai spoke following a meeting of the CCSA’s sub-committee on easing business and activity restrictions, praising officials in Samut Sakhon, where a recent outbreak occurred at a seafood market.

If the private sector and the public can continue their good response to the government’s containment efforts, a proposal on reopening will be put forth at a CCSA meeting on 19 March.

More details on the process for reopening the country would be made clear following the meeting.

Thailand has confirmed some 26,540 cases of Covid-19, with 25,946 recoveries and 85 deaths.

The country has begun vaccinating its citizens with Sinovac’s CoronVac vaccine, but has cancelled plans to receive AstraZeneca vaccine shots after the country delayed use of the vaccines over reports of blood clots in some European nations, CNA reports.