Thailand Urges Laos to Resume Seafood Imports

Thailand asks Laos to allow Seafood imports

Laos and Thailand have set up a joint committee to find a solution on the issue of seafood imports after the Fisheries Department of Thailand declared its seafood is safe from Covid contamination.

According to a report by Lao Youth Radio, the Fisheries Department of Thailand has urged the country’s trade department set up a joint Thai-Lao committee to resolve seafood import issues.

Thai authorities have said that frozen seafood is safe despite the outbreak of Covid-19 in the country. Officials are holding talks with the relevant sectors of Laos, including the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry to try to find a solution.

Both parties are coordinating to set up a certification process for seafood goods, with strict control measures in all production processing.

Laos slapped a temporary ban on the import of seafood from Thailand as the Kingdom experienced a wave of new Covid-19 outbreaks in December last year.

The temporary measure will remain in place until relevant officials from the Lao PDR and Thailand are able to consult together to create measures to ensure seafood imported from Thailand is free of contamination by Covid-19.


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