Over Sixty Sex Workers Disciplined in Vientiane Capital

Sex workers disciplined in Sikhottabong District

Authorities have disciplined sex workers and illegal brothel owners in Sikhottabong District, Vientiane Capital.

According to a report by Vientiane Capital Public Security Office, police launched an investigation into nine restaurants and entertainment venues operating as illegal brothels in Sikottabong District.

Authorities began monitoring the nine venues across Sikhottabong District of Vientiane Capital on Thursday last week.

Head of Sikhottabong Public Security Office, Lieutenant Colonel Lamnao Lattanalangsy, says almost all sex workers arrive in Vientiane from other provinces, joining the industry to raise money and send to their families.

The women employed as sex workers in nine entertainment venues across the district live and sleep at the venues, while the venue owners facilitate commercial sexual transactions with customers either at the venue or off-site, according to Colonel Lamnao.

The women surrender between LAK 50,000 to LAK 100,000 per customer to their procurers for facilitating the transaction.

Authorities have warned both sex workers and procurers to cease engaging in and selling prostitution, telling them to find new work.  They have been told they will face serious penalties if they are found to be involved in prostitution again in the future.

Prostitution is illegal under Lao law and can be subject to severe penalties, while Laos itself remains both a destination and a transit country for sex trafficking.

Over thirty sex workers employed in the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone tested positive for sexually transmitted diseases last month.