LOCA Returns Nearly 500 Lost Items to Passengers


Can you imagine the daunting experience of leaving your mobile or wallet in a cab? What do you do? And how do you work towards getting it back? Is there even a chance to have your belongings returned to you?

LOCA prioritizes safety! They have a number of safety measures in place especially when it comes to the quality of the ride.

We have to give credit to the efforts of the LOCA team. They were able to return their customer’s lost belongings for a total of 252 cases back in 2019, and 213 cases in 2020. That’s 465 returned items in a span of two years! As reported by a LOCA representative, the most reported items were wallets, phones, and handbags.

Still, LOCA representatives would like to encourage you to not be careless and remind yourself to gather your belongings and items before exiting their vehicles as there is also the chance that you may not get your belongings back since the drivers pick up many other customers during the day. Just because they have safety measures, it does not guarantee that your items won’t be stolen.

LOCA takes effort in reminding their customers about their belongings by placing a small sign in their cars.

This is one of the top reasons why customers prefer to ride with LOCA on regular basis. Other reasons include reliability, affordability, and convenience!

Have you ever lost anything in a LOCA car and got it back?

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