Laos Launches Online Registration for Covid-19 Vaccinations

Laos vaccinates over 40,000 people
A cheerful patient braves the vaccination needle in Laos.

Laos has launched an online registration program for Covid-19 vaccinations aimed at priority groups.

According to an announcement by the Centre of Information and Education for Health, a new round of Covid-19 vaccinations will take place from April 2 to 3 at Mittaphap Hospital as well as other hospitals in Vientiane Capital.

The AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine will be given to medical personnel and individuals in at-risk groups, as well as people who are 60 years old or above.

Individuals with chronic illnesses, such as respiratory or cardiovascular disease, asthma, obesity, immunodeficiency and others, will also receive the vaccine.

Those who are expected to enter or exit the country, such as diplomats, overseas laborers, government workers, students, businesspeople, and international organization employees, may also register to be vaccinated.

Those who are eligible may now register to be vaccinated online at the official websites or