imoo Singapore Leverages on Technology to Enhance Children Safety With Upcoming Launch of Watch Phone Z6


Created for families and children, imoo Singapore’s products aim to give parents a hand when it comes to keeping everyone safe


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 5 April 2021 – In this day and age, smart devices are everywhere, even amongst children. The struggle to maintain a balance between early technological adoption versus increasing worries of security and safety is real, and imoo Singapore is extending help in the form of the upcoming imoo Watch Phone Z6.

With the team comprised of many parents, the overarching goal of the company’s product innovation was to give parents a viable alternative to the smartphone.

According to a Straits Times report, “two-thirds of children aged seven to nine in Singapore use smartphones every day, and are active on social media.” For parents, the need for security is often in conflict with the potential pitfalls of technology.

Designed as a device to alleviate parents’ concerns and a joy to use for the child, imoo’s focus remains on enhancing the safety of children without adding unnecessary risks in the form of social media and other security concerns.

Tailored Features

imoo Singapore’s upcoming launch of the imoo Watch Phone Z6 Singapore version is fully verified by TUV Singapore and registered under IMDA. It incorporates first in the market, high-resolution dual-side camera with HD Video call besides many other child-friendly features providing a platform for peace of mind.

For the child, screen time is kept to a minimum with the use of the Class Mode feature. Parents can dictate when the smartwatch made for kids can be used. This way, there are no distractions during essential times and fewer worries about usage time.

Communication is vital for safety, with dedicated features for the imoo Watch Phone making it stand out in the market. Accurate locating and seamless mobile connection with the support of 4G and VoLTE ensure uninterrupted communications between parents and child. Both Chat and Family Chat allow users to talk and interact with approved individuals, providing a social environment without potentially harmful websites and content access.

The imoo Watch Phone will give parents another layer of security when it comes to their child with long battery life with Scheduled Power On/off feature, IP68 water resistance meaning that a child could wear it safely while swimming. Its AMOLED multi-point capacitive touch screen with high resolution & full colour allows for quick response, while durability is not a concern with Corning Gorilla Glass screen. Its strap is made of TPSIV from Dow Corning, free from fluorescent additive and an environmental-friendly feature, making the watchband much more flexible and perfect for kids.

Safety First

The preventative measures extend into calls with the imoo Watch Phone Z6 as well. Calls are only allowed on the imoo Watch Phone from approved contacts within a child’s contact list. Any calls from strangers and unknown sources are automatically blocked, and notifications would be sent to parents to notify them. By ensuring children only communicate within a designated circle, they are less likely to fall victim to danger.

In emergency situations, the imoo Watch Phone Z6’s integrated GPS locating can prove invaluable in helping to find your child. The use of various positioning technologies – GPS, GLONASS, BDS, LBS, and Wi-Fi – provides accurate tracking both indoors and outdoors. In addition, the accelerometer helps determine if the user is in motion.

Options for Parents

For parents, the safety of their children is of utmost importance. However, a smartphone need not be the only solution to the problem.

The upcoming launch of the imoo Watch Phone Z6 from imoo Singapore in mid-April will provide an alternative for families to consider when it comes to prioritising safety while allowing for quality connection.

Visit the official imoo Singapore store to find out more about the upcoming launch of the imoo Watch Phone Z6 and other family-friendly products that prioritises the safety of your child.

About imoo Singapore

Hans Industries Pte. Ltd. is the official imoo Singapore distributor of smart devices designed by imoo. The company was formed in 2011 to introduce quality & reliable industrial and consumer products to Southeast Asia. imoo launched its first Watch Phone in 2015 for kids with safety, quality & durability at its utmost priority. With popular reception from parents, imoo has further revolutionised by introducing the first kids’ smartwatch in the world that adopts dual cameras, and parents are able to control each camera during video calls.

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