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Jasa Sarjana equips newly launched Automated Rapid Transit system with Rivex Rikeguard antimicrobial film

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Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd installs revolutionary antimicrobial technology to protect passengers of new urban transport system in Iskandar Malaysia


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 15 April 2021 – Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd (“Jasa Sarjana”), the Malaysian official sole distributor of Japanese premium car window film brand, ICE-μ, played a part in the recent launch of Malaysia’s first ever Automated Rapid Transit (“ART”) system by equipping it with Rivex Rikeguard, Jasa Sarjana’s premium antimicrobial film.

Jasa Sarjana conducted an installation of Rivex Rikeguard antimicrobial film on the Iskandar Malaysia Bus Rapid Transit (“IMBRT”) test carriage that was officially launched on 8 April 2021. With this installation, Jasa Sarjana helps the ART system to keep its users safe by covering all high-traffic touch points such as handholds, door handles and railings with Rivex Rikeguard.

Due to the fact that viruses can survive on steel and glass surfaces for up to 5 days, public surfaces and touchpoints are a health concern, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. To help improve the safety of public surfaces, curb the spread of COVID-19, and protect the health of the public, Jasa Sarjana distributes Rivex Rikeguard, a revolutionary antimicrobial film made in Japan by their strategic partner Riken Technos Corporation.

Rivex Rikeguard is a unique protective film that is long-lasting and neutralises bacteria and viruses upon contact, ensuring that surfaces are safe to touch. By installing it on the ART system, Jasa Sarjana has equipped the new transportation system with premium health protection that is easily installed and exceptionally durable.

Rivex Rikeguard can be easily applied on any smooth, rigid surface and offers 24/7 protection which lasts for up to 10 years (subject to usage conditions) and remains reliable the whole time, unlike conventional cleaning measures such as sprays and wipes. With its unique design, 99.99% of various viruses and bacteria (including coronaviruses) are neutralised on contact, thanks to charged metal particles which generate active oxygen. This ensures that surfaces where Rivex Rikeguard is installed are safe to touch anytime and remain safe for a long period.

This film, which was originally developed and manufactured by Riken Technos, Japan’s number-one film manufacturer with over 60 years of experience as an industry leader in plastics and films, is widely used in Japan on major railways, ATMs, points of sale and vending machines. Its antimicrobial properties have also been rigorously lab-tested with the antimicrobial efficacy certified by ISO, SIAA Japan and SIRIM, surpassing the highest international standards while also complying with local requirements.

This installation was made possible by the partnership between Jasa Sarjana and Mobilus Sdn Bhd (“Mobilus”), Ireka Corporation Berhad’s Urban Transportation business. Mr David Lee, CEO of Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd, expressed his pride in participating in the ART system’s launch and his confidence that Rivex Rikeguard would help raise consumer confidence and protect the health of its passengers. Furthermore, the installation of Rivex Rikeguard plays a part in the Government’s public health efforts to protect the public and keep the number of infections under control at a time when the health of high-traffic locations is a safety issue.

Mr Chan Chee Kian, CEO of Mobilus, also agreed that keeping public surfaces clean and sanitary has become more important than ever, and voiced his confidence that the installation of the Rivex Rikeguard film will help to keep passengers safe while convincing them that the ART system and its surfaces are all protected from bacteria and viruses.

About Jasa Sarjana Sdn Bhd

Jasa Sarjana was established in 2013 and has since been the sole distributor of ICE-μ window film products in Malaysia and the region. Jasa Sarjana has 32 dealers spread across all states in Malaysia that sell and install ICE-μ window films for its customers. Apart from serving the Malaysian automotive market, Jasa Sarjana also caters window films for architects, building developers and upmarket homeowners under the ICE-μ brand of film products. For more information, visit www.ice-u.com.my

About Mobilus Sdn Bhd

On 23 July 2019, Ireka Corporation Berhad and CRRC Urban Traffic Co. Ltd. (a member of the China based CRRC Group) established a 51:49 joint venture company known as Mobilus Sdn Bhd. CRRC Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of rolling stock and rail-related products and systems.

Mobilus will focus on the provision of urban traffic solutions, supply of electric transportation vehicles and implementation of urban transportation systems. A key focus will be on green energy and smart transportation solutions, in particular implementing an Automated Rapid Transit (ART) system for cities (a first in Malaysia and South East Asia).

About Riken Technos Corporation, Japan

Riken Technos Corporation is a Japan-based company engaged in the manufacture and sale of compounds, films, food packaging materials and synthetic resin processing business. The Company operates through three business segments. The Compound segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of pellet-like mixed synthetic resin as an intermediate material for plastic moulded products. The Film segment is engaged in the manufacture and sale of raw materials of synthetic resins films and products with designs and functions. The Food Wrapping Film segment is mainly engaged in the manufacture and sale of synthetic resin films for food packaging. For more information, visit www.rikentechnos.co.jp/e/company/

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