Laos Confirms 76 New Cases of Covid-19

Laotian Times Covid-19 Update

Laos has confirmed 76 new cases across the nation today, bringing the total number of cases to 323.

Of the 76 new cases, Vientiane Capital saw 64 cases, with four cases in Luang Namtha, five cases in Savannakhet, two cases in Salavanh, and one case in Bokeo Province.

Two of the cases detected in Savannakhet are related to Case 59, while the others had contact with infected persons inside the province.

A 45-year-old female shopkeeper tested positive in Bokeo Province after having contact with case 146, while the new cases in Luang Namtha are related to the same network of cases that have caused the second wave.

In Salavanh, a 26-year-old male studying at the National University of Laos in Vientiane Capital traveled to Salavanh with friends, stopping in Khammounane and Pakse.

The 64 new cases in Vientiane Capital are directly connected to Case 59, while the Taskforce has stated it will not provide a detailed timeline. Rather, it says that all locations should be considered dangerous and residents should stay at home as much as possible.

Speaking during an announcement today, Dr. Phonepadith Xangsayarath, Director of the National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology (NCLE), Ministry of Health, urged those who test at testing centers to provide their full name and personal information, saying that the team is working as fast as possible to provide results.

He said that those who had tested already must continue to stay at home and self-isolate, regardless of results.

He also said that many cases are asymptomatic, with new cases experiencing symptoms after only seven to ten days.

Finally, Dr. Phonepadith said that a large number of vehicles are still being seen on the roads in the capital, stressing that people should only leave the house when absolutely necessary, and should strictly abide by Covid-19 protocols such as wearing a mask and sanitizing hands, as well as social distancing.

Laos has now undertaken over 100,000 tests, with a total of 323 cases of Covid-19 nationwide.