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Minister of Public Security Dismisses Second Savannakhet Police Officer

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The Minister of Public Security has ordered the dismissal of a second police officer in Savannakhet known to be an accomplice of the officer who violated immigration regulations. Lieutenant Sonalay Phothilath, a police officer under the Savannakhet Office of Public Security was found to be an accomplice of Captain Phouxay Sisavanh, who brought two Thai men into Laos, leading to the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

According to a notice issued by the Ministry of Public Security, the minister has announced the immediate dismissal without pension of Lieutenant Sonalay Phothilath for multiple counts of misconduct.

The 33-year-old police officer from Songkhone District had been assigned to the Songkhone Public Security Office under the Savannakhet Public Security Office.

The notice states that Lieutenant Sonalay Phothilath had collaborated with Captain Phouxay Sisavanh in violating the law of Laos by allowing Thai nationals to illegally enter Laos and spread Covid-19 in the country.

He, along with Captain Phouxay Sisavanh, have been charged with illicit gambling as well as illegal trading and drug-related offences.

Regarding prosecution of the two officers, legal proceedings will be initiated against the persons involved through the courts and they will be prosecuted and sentenced depending on the severity of their offence, Vientiane Times reports.

The Minister of Public Security on Friday ordered the dismissal of Captain Phouxay Sisavanh, the notorious Savannakhet police officer who brought two Thai men into Laos and became an internet sensation after cooking goat meat at a Savannakhet field hospital.

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