Cutting Edge Social Entertainment Platform GazeTV Breaks The Tradition With Blockchain And Tokenized Ecosystem Implementation Audiences And Creators Can Earn Rewards By The Second


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 14 May 2021 – The brand new social entertainment platform has officially launched. GazeTV jumps out of the traditional model and has adopted blockchain technology for the advancement of data transparency and management. To encourage content creation and interaction of audiences and creators, there are tokenomic incentives & rewards. Traditional social entertainment platforms lack transparency, most creators are only able to earn small advertising fees through in-stream advertisements. Not only are they unable to predict the revenue from each video, but frequent in-stream advertisements also disrupt users from viewing video content. On the contrary, GazeTV makes use of Ethereum Blockchain and the unique tokenized rewards system “GAZE” to incentivize Gazer community by measuring the uploaded video duration by the second as well as their activities on the platform such as the frequency of view, like, comment and sharing videos. Creators are able to customize the theme and price of their videos. Then audiences can pay to unlock content or to make direct donation to content creators. At the same time, the platform also provides automated content synchronization and data analysis. These assist creators in importing content from multiple platforms to GazeTV. GazeTV private access was started since 30 March 2021. The public version has announced to go-live today. Currently the platform has gained over 360,000 minutes of video content. The platform has successful gained traction, creators such as Gramatik, one of the well known electronic musician and crypto-artists, has started an official channel on GazeTV platform. It is expected thousands and thousands of creators and audience worldwide are joining.

The Unique Tokenized Reward Mechanism, a Technological Breakthrough

GazeTV allows community to earn rewards through the content creation and consumption. The reward mechanism is coordinated with a hybrid model of on-chain and off-chain automation. There are multiple rewards for example Content Upload Reward, Engagement Reward, and Bounty Program. GazeTV advocates a culture of direct support. Audience can use their reward to unlock paid-content, or directly support and donate creators which help to strengthen the audience-creator relationship and motivate creators to produce even better content. Creators can freely set the price of the content and manage those with just a few clicks.

Convenient Automated Content Synchronization and Data Analyzation for Creators. Removing In-Stream Ads to Improve Users’ Viewing Experience.

GazeTV provides an automated content synchronization feature. Creators can easily bring their content from other platforms such as Facebook and more than 455 millions WordPress sites to their GazeTV channels in a few easy steps, saving time on uploading videos. GazeTV also provides detailed data analysis for creators. Through simple graphs, creators can gain knowledge on the background of their audiences, including viewing habits, interests, age and location etc., helping them create content that better accommodates their audience. GazeTV also aims to improve the users’ experience by removing all in-stream ads so viewers can focus on the outstanding video content.

The “Gazer-lization” Strategy and Roadmap

Mr. Jack Cheng, Co-founder of GazeTV says, “At GazeTV, we’re repairing everything that is broken with social entertainment platforms. Instead of only content creators and the audience giving to the platform, we GazeTV give back to our the Gazer community. GazeTV uses a brand new tokenomic model to build an empowered and engaged Gazer community. We highly treasure creators and audience engagement. This is our mission – Every second counts.”

According to GazeTV roadmap, the platform development is divided into 3 phases, each with different objectives. Phase 1 is “Gaze Age”, the mission is to focus on the right path of technology and functionalities. Phase 2 is “Gazer-lization”, at this stage GazeTV aims to become a complete socialization application for everyday use. Phase 3 is “Gaze Space” which is well-kept secret.

About GazeTV

GazeTV aims to combine and utilize entertainment technology. The cutting edge social entertainment platform uses blockchain technology for data management and tokenized ecosystem for incentives & reward functions. Creators and audience around the world can engage in closer interactions, support and development. For more information, visit GazeTV Foundation website at