Vientiane Residents Lodge Complaint About Harmful Wastewater

Wastewater spillover causes bad smell

Residents of Nonghai Village in Vientiane Capital have complained that wastewater from nearby factories may be harming their health.

According to a report by KPL News, more than ten households in Nonghai Village, Hadsayfong District, have lodged complaints about a foul odor caused by wastewater from two nearby factories.

Mr. Daovanh Mounlath, a resident of Nonghai village, says that his family was affected by factory wastewater for several months, rendering them unable to work or remain outside of their homes.

“We used to work in front of our building, but we are now unable to do so due to the foul odor of wastewater,” said Mr. Daovanh.

While residents have complained that the heavy odor of wastewater affected them for months, people are now more affected as they stay at home during the lockdown, while the stench is stronger in hot weather.

Head of Nonghai Village, Mr. Sonephet Keopadid
Head of Nonghai Village, Mr. Sonephet Keopadid.

Head of Nonghai Village, Mr. Sonephet Keopadid, says the effect from wastewater has been ongoing for months, and authorities have been unsuccessful in addressing the problem.

“Large amounts of wastewater from the Three Stars Fermented Milk production plant and the Dong Dang Water production plant is causing the drains to overflow,” said Mr. Sonephet Keopadid.

Village authorities are now working with factory owners as well as village residents to try to resolve the situation.

Poor planning and corruption among officials have led to industrial plants and factories opening in or nearby to residential areas, without adequate access to proper drainage systems.