Vientiane Capital Increases Red Zones as Laos Confirms New Covid Cases

Barricades block a red zone in Vientiane Capital
Barricades block a red zone in Vientiane Capital (Photo: Jason Rolan)

The number of red zones in Vientiane Capital has now increased to 34 villages as the country announces 19 new cases of Covid-19.

Dr. Sisavath Soutthanalaxay led the daily announcement by the Covid-19 Taskforce today, confirming 19 new cases across the country, bringing the total number of cases in the country to 1,801.

He said that 1,631 tests had been undertaken in the past 24 hours, with 755 active cases across the country.

Of the new cases, Vientiane Capital saw four new cases, Champasack saw five imported cases and Savannakhet saw five imported cases, while Khammouane saw five imported cases.

No updates have been provided by the Taskforce regarding the situation in Bokeo province for several days.

Deputy Mayor of Vientiane Capital and Head of the Vientiane Capital Taskforce, Phouvong Vongkhamsao, spoke during the announcement regarding the situation in the capital.

He said the Mayor of Vientiane Capital had issued a new notice reiterating several stricter Covid-19 prevention measures, as well as certain measures that have been relaxed.

Vientiane Capital prohibits exercising in certain public spaces
Vientiane Capital has prohibited exercising in certain public spaces.

Although the Taskforce is allowing residents to exercise outdoors, it does not allow certain sports such as football (soccer), and has barred residents from exercising at That Luang Square, That Luang Marsh, and Chao Anouvong Park due to overcrowding.

Deputy Mayor Phouvong also stated that educational institutions will remain closed.

The city has added new villages to its list of areas designated as red zones, including Thongkang, Dongnasok Neua, Nongduang Neua, Amone, and That Luang Tai.

A curfew of 8:30 PM has been instated for businesses including markets, retail shops, and shopping malls in red zones.