Residents in Red Zones Fail to Comply with Prime Minister’s Order

Red Zone Barricade in That Luang Tai Village
A red zone barricade in That Luang Tai village

Some residents in areas designated as red zones in Vientiane Capital have failed to comply with the prime minister’s lockdown order.

The number of red zones in Vientiane Capital increased to 34 villages in six districts yesterday, with village authorities scrambling to ensure residents comply with regulations.

Despite the hard stance against infected areas, residents of red zones have been openly entering and exiting the restricted areas.

A resident of Chomphet Tai Village, one of the red zones, told the Laotian Times today that authorities have only barricaded one street, with some residents choosing to exit the zone.

According to a notice by the Mayor of Vientiane, residents in red zones are not permitted to leave their homes except for essential tasks such as grocery shopping or medical visits.

“But they travel in and out freely as if nothing has changed,” said another resident.

Authorities have warned that anyone who violates the Covid-19 restrictions outlined in Prime Ministerial Order No. 15 will face heavy fines and could be held liable for any damage incurred, according to a report in the Vientiane Time.

The warning comes after residents continue to disobey instructions, causing the virus to spread in a number of communities over the past month.

Laos has extended its lockdown across the country until 4 June as Covid-19 continues to spread in Vientiane Capital and imported cases pour in from neighboring countries.

The Ministry of Health issued a notice last week detailing how villages in Laos would be divided into three color-coded zones in accordance with Covid-19 infection severity.