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Emissary Capital and GrowthX Launch ASEAN’s First Go-to-Market Accelerator

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 27 May 2021 – Emissary Capital, a boutique investment firm focusing on ASEAN, and GrowthX, a Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund and go-to-market accelerator, today announced their partnership to launch MXP Online – the GrowthX Go-to-Market Accelerator – across ASEAN.

MXP Online is a go-to-market accelerator program designed to give companies the processes and knowledge frameworks to accelerate their businesses/products towards effective market fit. This allows businesses to generate revenues and profits faster through products that are better suited to the markets they are addressing. This is a skillset often overlooked by most accelerator programs that tend to focus little on market-based curriculums. This is also a crucial skillset for businesses operating in the ASEAN region that is renowned for high levels of market fragmentation and where businesses may need to re-develop market fit multiple times across their regional expansion.

The program has been exclusively developed by the team at GrowthX, utilizing their unmatched industry experience and decades of working with founders around the world.

“Emissary Capital is the perfect partner for GrowthX across the ASEAN region, as we both share the core belief that entrepreneurism can fuel the economy and create jobs when capital is combined with go-to-market expertise,” says Andrew Goldner, the CEO and a Founding Partner of GrowthX.

According to Erman Akinci, a founder of Emissary Capital, “Our partnership with GrowthX enables our founders to have an unfair advantage against most other founders around the region: That is a clearer path to customers, revenue and profit! And the ability to effectively replicate that process across multiple markets in ASEAN. As investors who are also on the inside, helping our founders go to market it also allows us to generate unique insights that help us make better, more informed investment decisions.”

Through their partnership, Emissary Capital entrepreneurs will have access to live coaching, on-demand training and interactive playbooks focused exclusively on helping them win customers, grow revenue and find product-market fit. “We are determined to drive the regional economy forward, and that means not only funding entrepreneurship, but also preparing founders to go to market with the same intent and training that they have been prepared to go to product,” says Mr. Akinci.

The accelerator program is also expected to benefit the investee companies of the Emissary Capital Growth Fund 1. L.P. The program will be deployed via a knowledge sharing program that will see top industry experts with deep knowledge coach and mentor the founders of the investee companies. The growth-stage fund is part of the RM1.2 billion Dana Penjana Nasional program, an initiative of the Government of Malaysia to bridge the funding gap by incentivizing private capital across the whole venture capital life cycle, facilitate the growth of innovative start-ups and accelerate Malaysia’s economic recovery.

Founders find product-market fit, and Emissary Capital identifies, qualifies and earns top investment opportunities. It’s a win-win for Malaysia and ASEAN!

Emissary Capital

Emissary Capital is a Malaysia based boutique investment firm focusing on ASEAN. The team is made up of current and ex-founders that have built sizable businesses across southeast Asia. The firm utilizes a time-zone based active-management strategy with a key focus on operational value adding. The firm was launched in late 2020 and currently operates a fund in partnership with Dana Penjana National program.

For more information, visit emissarycapital.com


GrowthX is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund run by operators with extensive go-to-market expertise. Founded in 2015, GrowthX has operated its Market Acceleration Program (MXP) exclusively for its portfolio companies since inception. In 2019, MXP Online was launched to enable global founders, and the organizations that support them, with that same go-to-market expertise in the form of a virtual accelerator that combines live coaching, on-demand training and interactive playbooks to deliver real results.

For more information, visit growthx.com

Dana Penjana Nasional

Dana Penjana Nasional is a matching fund-of-funds programme, which is part of the Short- Term Economic Recovery Plan (PENJANA) launched in June 2020. The Government of Malaysia will match up to RM600.0 million, on a 1:1 basis, funds raised by the VC fund managers from foreign and private local investors, with a target allocation of RM1.2 billion.

For more information, visit penjanakapital.com.my

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