Six Meter Sinkholes Appear in Bokeo Province

Sinkholes appear in Bokeo Province

Large sinkholes have been reported at several locations in Pha Oudome District of Bokeo Province.

According to a report by Bokeo Newspaper, residents in Pha Oudome District reported sinkholes in and around their local area last month.

The sinkholes appeared in Poungladnoi and Homsouk villages, Pha Oudom District of Bokeo Province in seven locations. There were 25 sinkholes in total, between one to seven meters wide and as much as six meters deep.

Head of Pha Oudom Agriculture and Forestry Office, Mr. Khengkham Louangkhod, says he and his team have been monitoring and collecting preliminary data on the problem.

Sinkholes are likely to form as a result of earthquakes with magnitudes of 0.1 to 0.5 and depths of 1.5 to 2 kilometers.

Sinkholes are also thought to have been caused by an old fault in recent years, as well as dry groundwater and soil surface sensitivity.

A rice plantation and a piece of road were damaged by the sinkholes.