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Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Laos Confirms Nine Cases of Covid-19 as End of Lockdown Looms

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Laos has confirmed nine new cases of Covid-19 as a downward trend in infections continues on the penultimate day of the country’s lockdown order.

Dr. Latsamy Vongkhamsao lead the daily briefing by the National Taskforce today, providing information on the spread of the virus through the world before focusing on the situation in Laos.

He said that the country had tested 1,725 samples (852 in Vientiane Capital), confirming nine positive cases of Covid-19, with the total number of cases now standing at 1,943.

A total of 1,654 people have recovered, with 17 recent recoveries.

Of the new cases, Vientiane Capital saw six cases, Champasack saw one imported case, and Savannakhet saw two imported cases.

According to Dr. Latsamy, locations of risk in Vientiane Capital include a vegetable garden at Simmano Village, the “Green Market” in Don Koy, Saphanthong Market, and the “garment factory market” in Phonepapao, Phonesavang village, Houayhong Village, as well as Amone village.

Dr. Latsamy said that although the number of cases shows a decreasing trend, we must remain vigilant and continue to comply with Covid-19 prevention measures issued by the government until there are no more cases of Covid-19 recorded for 28 consecutive days.

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