Missing Covid Patient Found and Admitted to Hospital

Covid patient

A Covid-19 patient who tested positive in Vientiane Capital yesterday has now contacted health officials after medical professionals failed to locate him.

Authorities yesterday announced they were searching for the 57-year-old translator, who had tested positive for Covid-19 but was not responding to calls.

The man has now been admitted to hospital and is receiving treatment, according to a notice issued by the Centre of Information and Education for Health.

The notice states that the patient had become seriously ill and was unable to make contact with doctors.

Meanwhile, Lao National Radio reports that a 65-year-old woman in Laos underwent the amputation of her left leg to preserve her life after suffering a blood clot and a severe Covid-19 infection.

“The patient suffered underlying health conditions including diabetes and high blood pressure. Later, cerebral thrombosis was found, as well as a blood clot under her lower left knee,” said Dr. Bouathep Phoumindr in a daily briefing.