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Limitless Technology Launches a New Line of Women’s Supplement, “LYLA”

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The Successful Internet Holding Company Is Set to Bring A New View on Women’s Wellness


KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 15 June 2021 – Recognising how today’s women are putting wellness more on the forefront of their lives, Limitless Technology today announced a trailblazing women’s supplement line called LYLA. With its tagline “Ready for Life”, LYLA aims to deliver a collection of cutting-edge products that centre around health, beauty and overall well-being for modern, go-getter women.

After successful runs of launching e-commerce household names “Flower Chimp” & “CakeRush” in Southeast Asia, Limitless Technology recognises a demand in addressing women’s need in high performing supplements that can complement their busy lifestyles. While many supplement brands out there rely on its ingredients to speak for its key benefits, LYLA targets an issue that women face these days, and develops an exclusive solution to help them counter it.

“While doing customer research for our e-commerce ventures Flower Chimp and Cake Rush, we realised that today’s women customers are now moving into improving their inner beauty, on top of purchasing their outer needs such as skincare and makeup. The rise of supplements focusing on women’s concerns is proof of this, and we’re excited to marry our ecommerce expertise and excellent customer service to launch LYLA,” says Niklas Frassa, COO of Limitless Technology. “We are confident that LYLA will be another well-loved brand in the market, with its unique mix of natural, powerful ingredients that highlights convenience and effectiveness to everyone.

LYLA’s launch product is the immunity-boosting In The Pink, a supplement that features a blend of 22 fruits and vegetables. Priced at RM149, a box of berry-flavoured In The Pink carries 28 convenient sachets that are to be mixed with 100ml warm or cold water for consumption.

In the Pink was chosen to be LYLA’s launch product as it addresses the key concern of today’s women: poor diet that can cause negative effects on one’s health, mind, body and overall well-being. With regular intake, In the Pink aims to deliver these benefits:

  • Supercharged immunity to combat seasonal flu and colds
  • Improved energy levels to fuel a women’s busy day-to-day life
  • A better gut health with its detoxing properties

In the Pink is formulated with 100% vegan ingredients and is now available in Malaysia & Singapore at www.getlyla.com. For more information on the product, please visit its product page at https://www.getlyla.com/collections/our-health-products/products/in-the-pink.

LYLA aims to launch two more products later this year to further solidify its position as a strong contender in the women’s wellness industry. When asked what ‘LYLA’ means, Niklas Frassa commented, “LYLA might just be a name, but behind the name is the embodiment of a community made by women who are always ready to take on any challenge that they face. LYLA hopes to aspire every woman out there to be their best selves, without any limit.”

To further understand LYLA’s philosophy and keep up with its news and updates, visit its official website, www.getlyla.com.

About Limitless Technology:

Limitless Technology is an internet holding company with a track record of launching and scaling e-commerce businesses in Southeast Asia. Headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the company has an outpost in Manila, Philippines and possesses an online presence in five countries.


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