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Edutech Start-up GCG Asia Launches New App Based on Proprietary Software, Social Creative Active Model (SCAM), to Accelerate Online Learning Adoption in Asia Pacific

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SINGAPORE – ACCESSWIRE 16 June 2021 Edutech startup GCG Asia announced today the launch of its new application for online learning targeted towards school-going children. GCG Asia start-up founder and CEO Karen Lai said in an official announcement that the app, JomBlajar, is developed according to GCG Asia’s framework of holistic parameters—Social Creative Active Model (SCAM).

“The Social Creative Active Model (SCAM) framework was developed according to our philosophy that learning should be holistic and education should include social, creative and active modes and dimensions to get the best out of each child. GCG Asia doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions, so our Scam framework aims to cater to individual needs based on each child’s learning style,” said GCG Asia CEO Karen Lai.

The Scam framework is GCG Asia’s proprietary model that makes significant use of Artificial Intelligence to provide tailor-made guidance to student users. GCG Asia’s model uses big data and machine learning to provide supplemental tutoring systems that can monitor performance and analyse feedback.

The Scam model is able to create personalized learning experiences. GCG Asia has found that this makes for more productive learning behaviours in students, and encourages independence, self-regulation and self-explanation,” explained CEO Lai.

Since its establishment in 2019, GCG Asia’s education technology solutions have reached thousands of students across Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. Its first product was BlajarWeb, an offline-online hybrid solution that connected learners to tuition centers or tutors digitally. It made supplemental learning more accessible and affordable for students in the booming education market. “GCG Asia’s website served as a kind of broker between teachers and tutors, and students who wanted after-hours learning support. We didn’t expect that service to do as well as it did,” explained GCG Asia’s CEO Lai.

Pandemic conditions merely accelerated the adoption of digital learning platforms such as BlajarWeb. Since 2020, GCG Asia says its platform has logged almost one million hours of online learning through its website.

“We are solving a fundamental problem in the region that is affordability, accessibility, accountability, and flexibility. With the success of BlajarWeb, we are now able to channel resources into developing the JomBlajar app and the Scam model. We are still solving these fundamental problems but through more advanced technologies and different modes targeting different segments,” said GCG Asia’s CEO Lai.

She added that GCG Asia is moving quickly to expand and deepen its website presence in other markets around the region to countries such as Cambodia, and will be looking towards the Middle East.

Experts believe that the education model will be changing more rapidly in the next few years than it has in centuries, brought on by the pandemic shocks to the traditional systems of brick-and-mortar or physical learning and teaching classroom models.

“Education at all levels from elementary to tertiary levels is being revolutionised. GCG’s proprietary Scam education model is part of this transformative wave. Even after the pandemic has passed, we foresee that the schools and institutions that understand that the future of education is in developing personalised, modular learning environments that can be used anywhere. Those that don’t, will be left behind, and the children will suffer,” explained GCG Asia’s CEO Lai.

The market in Asia Pacific is seeing great growth opportunities to accelerate digital transformation of organisations and launch new edutech ventures. GCG Asia has seen an uptick in capital investment interests, the proceeds of which are being used to build stronger products and richer curriculums. The company will also market the Scam proprietary model to other education providers.

‘We have a lot on our plate right now. It’s the right time and the right space to be,” said GCG Asia’s CEO Lai, adding that the company is also focused on brand building and customer service. “Our customer satisfaction numbers are strong. That makes us an exciting aspect for investors,’ she said.

About GCG Asia

GCG Asia is an edutech company based in Singapore established in 2019. It operates education platform BlarjarWeb and app JomBlajar.


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