2021 Hainan Free Trade Port (Sanya) New Zealand special investment promotion meeting held in Shanghai


SANYA,CHINA – Media OutReach – 17 June 2021 – On 16th of June, the Hainan Free Trade Port (Sanya) New Zealand Special Investment Promotion Conference 2021 was held in Shanghai. Related investment promotion institutions from Sanya proactively introduced preferential policies in Hainan Free Trade Port to nearly a hundred New Zealand enterprises both online and offline to strengthen communications between two regions, gather and allocate high-quality global resources and develop industrial cluster, aiming to build Sanya an intersection city enabling the “Dual Circulation”.

Representatives from Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau, Sanya Committee of Development of Science, Technology and Industry, Sanya Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City Administration, Sanya Central Business District Administration, the Management Committee of Sanya Modern Service Industry Park, Sanya Tourism Promotion Bureau and other institutions introduced preferential policies of Hainan Free Trade Port, investment opportunities and urban industrial development in Sanya to key enterprises, renowned business associations, and investment promotion agencies in New Zealand while combining their business fields and park features. Multiple departments in Sanya actively answered the questions of representatives from NZBRiC, New Zealand Employers & Manufacturers Association, and other participating institutions, highly recognized by foreign guests.

It is worth mentioning that to deliver an efficient conference, the Shanghai venue was cloud-connected with the New Zealand branch venue, and relevant New Zealand enterprises operating in Beijing and Guangzhou have also participated in the event online.

According to representative of Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau, China and New Zealand have close cooperation in import/export trade, education, agriculture and science industries, which are also compatible with the construction of Hainan’s Free Trade Port. Currently, Sanya is striving to become a benchmark city of Hainan Free Trade Port, where investment is essential for the city’s economic development. In this connection, Sanya Investment Promotion Bureau has been exploring ways to enrich the mode of investment promotion. It has employed market-oriented approaches, such as commissioned investment promotion, intermediary investment promotion, business-driven investment promotion, and cloud investment promotion. It has been identifying new models of investment promotion, such as investment promotion by “leading enterprises”, key enterprises, industrial clusters, and capital, as well as “enclave” investment promotion and “technology team + capital + project” investment promotion. Efforts have been made to strengthen inter-governmental synergy, and leverage the important roles of various types of enterprises, chambers of commerce, and associations abroad in investment promotion. Economic and trade liaison offices have been established in key foreign countries (regions) to build a special global network for investment in Sanya. Hainan Free Trade Port will present opportunities to the whole world, and Sanya is working to attract investment from abroad, to build an intersection city enabling the domestic and international dual cycles. By connecting foreign investment with foreign trade, Sanya is working to bring in a host of export-oriented projects; promote the interconnection between investment promotion and consumption, introduce upgraded consumption projects, promote high-end consumption and the return of consumer spending, and promote the city’s building of an international tourism consumption center core area; intensify international cooperation, establish liaison and cooperation mechanisms such as cross-border exchange and benefit-sharing of key industrial investment projects, realize the linkage of introduction and cultivation, and build the city’s three characteristic industrial clusters.

Representatives from Sanya Foreign Affairs Office, Sanya Customs, Sanya Public Security Bureau, and Sanya Council for the Promotion of International Trade and other insitutions also attended the event.

It is reported that Sanya attaches great importance to quality investment promotion. Since the release of the Master Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, as of June 11 this year, Sanya has negotiated with 2,379 investing enterprises, 1,825 were registered, and 254 have signed agreements. Among those, a host of highlights have been produced in terms of international investment promotion: 253 new foreign-funded enterprises were established in Sanya, a year-on-year increase of 295.3%; the actual utilization of foreign investment by investing enterprises was USD 525 million, an increase of 93.7% year-on-year. Enterprises from the US, Russia and other countries have come to make investments in Hainan, to share the new development opportunities in Sanya.

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