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Pledge for the Environment: Kimin Tanoto’s Journey to a Greener Future

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Media OutReach – 17 June 2021 There’s no doubt that climate change has emerged as one of the biggest challenges humanity has ever encountered. With greenhouse gas emissions at a record high in 2020, there is a need for urgent actions to combat climate change and its impacts. Recognising the rising urgency, Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP), a key player in the steel industry, emphasises its commitment to fight climate change with several forward-thinking green strategies.

Following Kimin Tanoto‘s appointment as the Commissioner of GRP, the company experienced a period of rapid growth as he forged new partnerships with local and international investors. Marching on, he is looking to establish GRP as an industrial leader for climate change action by implementing an array of green manufacturing and business processes.

The company has recently put forward its Transparent, Accountable, and Professional (TAP) management framework to showcase its strong and unwavering commitment towards fighting climate change. Alongside this extensive transformation plan, Kimin Tanoto and GRP has made a range of technology-based investments, making significant progress towards addressing climate change concerns.

GRP shares that its future plans also include investments in a fully integrated and environmentally-friendly coke factory and nickel smelter plant. With coke required to produce steel in a blast furnace, GRP seeks to employ advanced combustion technology to convert waste heat into electrical power for nickel smelting, further pushing the process towards a lower emissions output. By employing this eco-conscious production method, the ultimate goal of Kimin Tanoto and GRP is to achieve “Net-Zero” emissions and create a greener supply chain.

A Progressive Agenda

“Important changes will continue to be made in the face of bigger challenges in the future,” Kimin Tanoto shares. With this in mind, Kimin is leading an Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Task Force through the Indonesian Iron and Steel Association (IISIA) to push for an industry wide effort to move towards more sustainable steel making as well as educating industry players about the importance of green technologies and embracing the importance of carbon credits to offset emissions.

By researching and deploying zero-carbon steelmaking technologies – ranging from carbon capture and storage tech to material efficiency – this steadfast commitment positions GRP at the forefront of change within the metal industry of Indonesia.

Further, Kimin Tanoto hopes to educate, inspire and empower other businesses in Indonesia and beyond. He also strives to pave the way for these prominent players in Indonesia to join the fight for a greener future alongside GRP.

With a sincere commitment to the environment and the rest of the world, Kimin Tanoto believes it is time for businesses globally to make genuine progress in how they adopt sustainable practices and respond to the global climate crisis.

About Gunung Raja Paksi

With a global base across 40+ countries, Gunung Raja Paksi (GRP) is now one of Southeast Asia’s largest, privately-owned vertically integrated steel companies. It was successfully listed on the Jakarta Stock Exchange in 2019. For more information, please visit: https://www.gunungrajapaksi.com/.

About Kimin Tanoto

Kimin Tanoto is a serial entrepreneur and business leader who has founded multiple businesses in a wide array of niche industries – including asset management, cement and steel. He currently serves as the Commissioner of Gunung Raja Paksi. For more information, please visit: https://kimintanoto.com/.


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