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Vaccinated Man Confirmed as New Case of Covid-19

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Laos has confirmed just one new case of Covid-19 today, involving a 24-year-old man in Vientiane Capital who had received a first dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

Dr. Phonepaseuth Xayamoungkhoun lead the daily briefing by the National Taskforce, providing information on the spread of the virus in Laos.

Following 1,801 tests over the past 24 hours across the country,  with 1,047 tests conducted in Vientiane Capital, just a single new case of the coronavirus was confirmed.

Dr. Phonepaseuth said that the new case, number 2,034, was a 24-year-old laborer residing in Nongduang Tai Village in Sikhottabong District. He had had close contact with infected persons in Kaoliao Village. 

On 18 May the man had received his first dose of Sinopharm Covid-19 vaccine but not had yet received his second dose.

The man remained asymptomatic but was tested for Covid-19 on 15 June after having contact with infected persons and recorded a positive result.

Dr. Phonepaseuth said that Laos is continuing second dose vaccinations of Sinopharm and AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines, while Vientiane Capital has begun new rounds of first dose vaccinations of Sinopharm and Pfizer vaccines.

Laos now has 107 active cases and has recorded three deaths attributed to the virus.

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