New Cluster in Vientiane Province as Laos Records 25 Cases of Covid-19

Covid-19 Update for Laos
Covid-19 Update for Laos

Laos has confirmed 25 new cases of Covid-19 after community spread was recorded in Vientiane Province.

Dr. Lattanxay Phetsouvanh led the briefing by the National Taskforce today, providing information on the spread of the virus both locally and around the world.

He said that following 858 tests over the last 24 hours, Laos had confirmed 25 new cases of Covid-19, with a worrying new cluster forming in Vientiane Province.

Of the new cases, Vientiane Capital saw one community transmitted case, while Vientiane Province saw thirteen new cases of community spread.

Khammouane and Savannakhet provinces saw one imported case, while Champasack recorded nine imported cases.

Laos has now recorded a total of 2,101 cases of Covid-19, with 140 active cases.

Dr. Lattanaxay said that the case recorded in Vientiane Capital was identified as a 5-year-old girl in Houaxang Village, Naxaythong District.

She had had contact with an infected person and tested positive for Covid-19 in Sikhottabong District on 28 June.

Government Spokesperson and Minister to the Prime Minister’s Office, Madame Thippakone Chanthavongsa, spoke at the briefing, saying that the recent rise in community transmission among various provinces is worrisome.

She said that on 21 April, the government issued Prime Ministerial Notice 15/PM, and notices and instructions determining various measures for prevention and control of Covid-19.

Madame Thippakone said that the lockdown regulations had been somewhat effective in reducing the spread of the virus in Vientiane Capital and the provinces, although case numbers continue to slowly increase.

She said that the implementation and enforcement of lockdown regulations and Covid-19 measures has not been strict enough, with failure to practice social distancing and continued violations such as gatherings and parties.

“We understand that this is a difficult time and people are suffering, people are stressed and lonely because they are unable to live their lives as normal,” said Madame Thippakone.

Residents have begun to illegally travel between provinces, while bars and pubs have begun to open secretly in violation of regulations, she said.

Those that flout regulations are at risk of transmitting the virus to family and friends, leading to new clusters and prolonging the lockdown for everyone.

In light of this, Madame Thippakone urged all members of society to strictly follow the regulations issued by the government and the National Taskforce to prevent another major outbreak of Covid-19 in Laos.

Dr. Lattanxay Phetsouvanh reminded listeners that despite receiving one or even two doses of Covid-19 vaccine, they should continue to practice Covid-19 prevention measures such as wearing facemasks, washing hands regularly, and practicing social distancing.