Vpon’s Strategic Partnership with Miaozhen: Advancing Effective Data-Driven Targeting to Tap into Booming Asia Market


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 29 June 2021 – Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”) has officially announced its strategic partnership with Miaozhen Systems, China’s leading third-party data service provider. This partnership aims to advance data-driven marketing strategies to accelerate healthy data development and seize new business opportunities in Asia-Pacific.

The strategic partnership strives to enhance third party tracking business in key Asia markets including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Thailand. Besides, Vpon as a leading big data company in Asia can also enhance data dimensions and user profile to deliver more precise and effective digital strategy.

Vpon’s Chief Operating Officer Arthur Chan is excited about the partnership, “Asia has always been a key area for our data research and business development. Miaozhen Systems being a China leading third-party technology provider, our partnership not only optimizes market targeting strategies, but also provides customers in Southeast Asia with highly efficient marketing solutions, growing more confidence to tap into the booming Asia market.”

Miaozhen Systems’ Vice President, Mr. Xuan Haojie, claimed that “Data determine companies’ future marketing strategies and direction. This partnership gathers two Asia leading data experts to facilitates a more sophisticated data development, and opens up regional market opportunities to attract potential customers, fostering overseas business for both Vpon and Miaozhen Systems.”

Looking ahead, Vpon and Miaozhen Systems will continue to deepen and strengthen their partnership to provide customers with highly effective data solutions upon diverse market needs. To create and lead a vibrant data ecosystem, the partners will also organize joint data seminars and events to help professions achieve successful data-driven marketing strategies.

About Vpon

Vpon Big Data Group (“Vpon”) is a leading big data company in Asia focused on big data analytics capability built with cutting-edge technology with the broadest set of mobile data across Asia in delivering effective mobile data-driven marketing solutions. Supported by the accumulation of massive data from 900 million mobile devices, and strategic partnerships with premium media resources across APAC, Vpon provides clients with customized data-centric marketing solutions, including data analytics, branding and cross-border marketing solutions. Headquartered in Taiwan, Vpon was established in 2008 and is currently operating in seven locations in Asia Pacific, including Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Taipei, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo and Osaka. If you wish to know more about Vpon, please do not hesitate to check www.vpon.com.

About Miaozhen System

Established in 2006, Miaozhen Systems is a third-party technology company with the mission to promote the healthy and prosperous development of marketing ecosystem by providing enterprises with marketing growth solutions based on big data and AI technology. Through its product portfolio including omni-marketing planning, omni-marketing measurement, ContentPower and insight analysis, Miaozhen Systems provides enterprises with Omni-Marketing Intelligence (OMI) services that covers online & offline, public & private traffic. With these marketing growth solutions, Miaozhen Systems enables enterprises to optimize their marketing ROI and achieve business growth.

So far, Miaozhen Systems provides marketing growth solutions for more than 1,000 world-renowned brands and local leading brands in China.

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