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Malaysian Celebrities Tell OctaFX Their Honest Success Stories in The New Show

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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Media OutReach – 15 July 2021 – ‘OctaFX: Honest Stories of Success’ is a new interview series by the popular broker. The guests are celebrities who share the ups and downs of their journeys to prosperity and their investing experience.

OctaFX introduces a new show—an interview series with some of the brightest people in Malaysia. ‘OctaFX: Honest Stories of Success’ aims to showcase the true stories behind famous people’s success.

Fizo Omar, the popular actor, hosts the show and asks celebrities intriguing questions about their careers, life values, and the secrets to financial success. The production will include interviews with the high-achieving businessman Datuk Aliff Syukri, the distinguished actor Dato’ Aaron Aziz, the famous actress Janna Nick, the outstanding comedian Harith Iskander, the well-known composer and rapper Altimet, and the fashion entrepreneur Wak Doyok. The first episode with Datuk Aliff Syukri is already available on OctaFX’s official YouTube channel.

OctaFX brings iconic celebrities of Malaysia from different spheres to the show. They invited entrepreneurs, musicians, and actors. The company sought to ask the questions never asked before and help the show’s viewers see success stories from a new, more sincere perspective.

Datuk Aliff Syukri shared his experience of the past seventeen years exclusively for ‘OctaFX: Honest Stories of Success’. He spoke about the obstacles and high points of his journey to financial prosperity, the number of businesses he ventured into, his experience with haters, and his investment strategy.

It is rare that someone actually asks about our difficulties; nobody really cares about them. They are usually curious about my wealth, how many millions I made, how many bags I bought or what I own. If I shared my sad story, people would probably say I got it easy as I was from a rich family. What a lot of people do not know is that I did not use any funds from my family, not even a thousand ringgit’, Datuk Aliff Syukri said.

The businessman also reflected on what it took to do business during the global pandemic and on the importance of feeling like you are doing enough and being grateful for what you have.

Besides enjoying inspirational stories, the show’s viewers can win prizes from OctaFX. They are welcome to watch any episode they are interested in, answer a question from Fizo Omar about their own experience, dreams, or beliefs in the comments, and gain a chance to win a branded T-shirt and 200 USD to invest in trading with the broker.

In the upcoming episode of the show, the entertainment industry shark Dato’ Aaron Aziz will talk about being ambitious, starting a successful business and surviving the competition. The second episode of ‘OctaFX: Honest Stories of Success’ premieres on 21 July on OctaFX’s YouTube channel.

This is not OctaFX’s first take on producing a show. The company likes to experiment with formats to bring its clients the most engaging and useful content. In September 2020, OctaFX launched ‘Learn to Trade with the Stars‘—a series where Malaysian celebrities studied Forex basics with Gero Azrul, the professional trader. This Ramadan, OctaFX came up with ‘Ramadan Special‘—a cooking show where Gero Azrul and the food blogger Rhys William prepared a Nasi Lemak and discussed the commonalities in cooking and trading.

‘OctaFX: Honest Stories of Success’ is available on the company’s official YouTube channel and on a dedicated page.

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