China Bans Cattle and Cattle Product Imports from Laos

China bans cattle imports from Laos
A cattle farmer in Laos (Photo: Mekong Livestock Research)

China’s customs department said yesterday that it has banned the import of cattle and cattle products from Laos to prevent the spread of lumpy skin disease.

The move came after Laos reported its first incidences of the disease in cattle earlier this year, according to an announcement on China’s General Administration of Customs website.

China confirmed Lumpy Skin Disease among its own cattle last year.

The virus was first reported in Laos in April 2021, with the government exploring options for the provision of vaccines.

The ban by China on cattle imports from Laos is a blow to the industry after Laos was granted a quota of 500,000 cattle for export to China in June.

Xinhua reports that more than 2,000 cattle were shipped to China from April 28 to May 4 across the border in Sing district of Luang Namtha province, with the Lao Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry actively promoting the export of cattle among farmers.

Agriculture and forestry departments in all provinces had been instructed to provide training for farmers and entrepreneurs interested in raising cattle for export to China.