Lumpy Skin Disease Kills More Than 100 Cattle in Laos

Lumpy Skin Disease Kills over 100 cattle in Laos
Lumpy Skin Disease (Photo: Vientiane Mai)

Over 100 cows and buffalo have died from lumpy skin disease infections across 126 villages in seven provinces as the disease spreads across Laos.

Some 11,000 animals have become infected with the disease, prompting Lao authorities to place a temporary ban on the import and export of livestock and beef products.

While 100 deaths have been recorded, 8,000 recoveries have been made.

Khammouane Province has recorded the largest outbreak of the bovine disease, with 5,100 animals infected, and 60 deaths.

Ms. Vilayphone Volaphim, Head of the Department of Livestock and Fisheries, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, said in a statement to the press that Lumpy Skin Disease is a virus affecting the health of bovine animals but is not transmissible to humans.

“Animals can become infected through direct contact, such as through feed or contact with other animals. The disease is also believed to be spread via blood-feeding insects such as flies and mosquitoes,” said Ms. Vilayphone.

The virus was first reported in Laos in April 2021, with the government exploring options for the provision of vaccines.