KingHash Platform Global Launch Event, Filecoin Computing Power Begins Global Simultaneous Sale


KingHash builds a “convenient mining” turnkey intelligent mining platform. Filecoin computing power is on sale globally.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 6 August 2021 – Recently, KingHash held a successful online and offline launch event to announce the simultaneous global sale of Filecoin computing power. The event attracted hundreds of partners from around the world and millions of fans and investors from around the world to participate online.


In view of this demand of investors, KingHash has created a “convenient mining” turnkey mining platform from many factors, such as the quality of the mining pool, the safety degree of the mining process, the technical specialization of the platform, and the post-service situation, so as to help investors realize the complex links of professional miners’ selection, deployment, maintenance, and technical service. As a result, even the novice can operate easily. Furthermore, KingHash is supported by a 16T hard disk and a powerful hardware system with 12T effective computing power, which lowers a certain threshold for C-end users.


KingHash is a mining pool established according to the needs of platform users. The single mining machine adopts AMD CPU hardware system, and the high-quality mining machine serves as strong support. The computing power of 7320 single machines in this mining pool has reached 2T. When the storage volume of Filecoin is increasing, KingHash has a powerful operation and maintenance system behind it. The personnel of the operation and maintenance team comes from 360, Ubuntu, Red Hat and other well-known companies, and their expertise has been recognized in the industry.


ETH mining machine has special characteristics in the industry. Therefore, KingHash also worked out a series of solutions for investors to ensure a smooth mining process. KingHash will provide users with the best electricity cost, balance benefit deduction, support free of charge for withdrawing coins, flash exchanges and other services, making it easier for investors to cash out.


Industry-leading mining experience, mining machine+cloud computing power is the most representative characteristic technology of KingHash. A strong supply chain makes KingHash have a very stable position in this industry. In the mining industry, KingHash always adheres to the purpose of sound development. With its technical strength and resource advantages, King Hash promotes the development of the financial market, helps investors broaden investment channels further, and optimize the realization of idle assets.