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Say Goodbye to the Diamond Industry: Princess Gem Offers Lab-Grown Moissanite Engagement Rings at Honest Prices

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Princess Gem presents the new era of engagement rings with sustainable moissanite gemstones for socially conscious couples in Singapore.

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 10 August 2021 – Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so they say — but Kimberly Lin didn’t want a ring that just looked valuable; she wanted one that had value. Kimberly, a 26-year-old millennial entrepreneur, was dissatisfied with the options available on the engagement ring market in Singapore. In order to bridge the “diamond divide,” she launched Princess Gem to offer socially conscious engagement rings of exceptional quality, all at an affordable price.


Princess Gem’s custom-made moissanites take traditional lab-grown gemstones to a whole new level. By using cutting-edge technology to construct each stone by hand, they have crafted the perfect alternative to diamond engagement rings: classic beauties that shine bright like a diamond. Princess Gem’s ethos is to never compromise on exceptional quality and to uphold ethical standards by offering exclusively conflict-free jewellery in Singapore.


Why Conflict-Free and Sustainable Diamond Rings Are Important

From producing carbon waste and contributing to land, water and air pollution to displacing wildlife from their natural habitats, diamond mines are a terrible burden on the health of our planet. As the far-reaching effects of diamond mining come to light, millennial shoppers are looking for conscious diamond alternatives that capture the essence of traditional diamond jewellery in a completely ethical and planet-friendly way.


Princess Gem is an innovative company that offers a full line of designer conflict-free jewellery at affordable prices. This revolutionary concept is meant to empower consumers with the opportunity to make conscious choices and take ownership over their actions, all while saving significant amounts of money. The brand is on a mission to change the engagement ring game in Singapore.


The perfect doppelganger for a diamond ring, Princess Gem moissanites are a stunning alternative to mined diamonds. These flawless gems are created in a lab using advanced technology to mimic the beauty of a real diamond, right down to its physical characteristics. Princess Gem moissanites are graded in the same way as diamonds and each one passes the diamond test while bearing the “4C” characteristics of colour, clarity, cut and carat weight before being incorporated into a stunning engagement ring.


Moissanites score an equivalent of 9.25 on the Mohs scale, which makes them almost as hard as diamonds and therefore perfect for daily wear. Since they are completely lab-made, they require absolutely no mining in order to be produced, making them a great option for socially conscious consumers. With their appeal to both the ethical consumer and the buyer looking for a more affordable alternative, moissanites are quickly becoming everyone’s favourite stone.


Moissanite Proposal Rings Perfect for any Couple

Designed with the millennial bride in mind, Princess Gem offers timeless minimalist rings that will never go out of style for years to come. The brand’s signature ring features a 1 carat round brilliant cut moissanite gemstone on a knife-edge band. A simple solitaire ring is the classiest choice for brides who choose to say “I do” to simplistic elegance.


Princess Gem is ready to breathe new life into the engagement ring market with its range of beautiful, high-quality moissanite engagement rings. These designer rings are a stunning choice that speaks volumes about a couple and their commitment not only to each other but also to ethical practices and the conservation of the environment.


The pioneering team behind Princess Gem believes that love doesn’t have to cost the earth – which is why they remain committed to creating planet-friendly, conflict-free engagement rings that are accessibly priced, making it easy for every couple to make the ethical choice.


About Princess Gem

Princess Gem is a fine jewellery brand in Singapore specialising in engagement rings at revolutionary prices, without compromising on quality, while standing by our social ethics to only offer conflict-free jewellery. Shop our Engagement Ring series today.


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