Justswim Singapore Announces 5 Ways to Keep Their Students Safe Amidst COVID-19


SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 11 August 2021 – Amidst the spread of COVID-19, Justswim Singapore, an establishment that provides swimming lessons to both children and adults, announces how they implement extra safe and strict measures to conduct their classes safely.


1. Coaching Will Only Be Conducted On A 1 To 1 Basis

Under normal circumstances, Justswim Singapore offers both private and group swimming lessons.


However, given the COVID-19 situation, Justswim Singapore will be temporarily pausing its group swimming lessons and will only take on private swimming lessons.


This measure was taken in accordance with safety measures implemented nationwide to minimise contact and any potential exposure, for both clients and their coaches.


2. Coaches Are Required To Put On A Face Shield At All Times Except When Demonstrating Swimming Techniques

During swimming lessons, Justswim Singapore requires their coaches to put on a face shield at all times to minimise the transmission of droplets.


Coaches may take off their face shields only when they are demonstrating a swimming technique.


Clients of the organisation are not recommended to put on a face shield or mask during swimming sessions.


3. Swimming Lessons At Clients’ Convenience

For the safety of their clients, Justswim Singapore provides swimming lessons at clients’ convenience.


This arrangement would minimise the clients’ commute to their swimming lessons.


Justswim offers swimming lessons in heartland districts such as Sengkang swimming lessons and Punggol swimming lessons.


Swimming lessons at other locations such as Woodlands, Bedok and Tampines are offered too.


If clients have access to a private pool, such as that of a condominium, Justswim Singapore is able to conduct condominium swimming lessons as well.


4. Ensure Clients Are In Suitable Condition To Swim

Coaches of Justswim Singapore will ensure that clients are fit to swim before the lesson commences.


Temperatures of both clients and coaches will be taken at the start of the lesson for transparency purposes for both parties.


In addition, as swimming is considered a strenuous physical activity, clients are encouraged to always ensure that their body is in optimal condition for a swim before heading out.


Justswim Singapore reminds their clients that this is especially important for those who are considering to swim after recently receiving their vaccination dose.


As the vaccination doses may result in mild symptoms and side-effects, it is recommended that clients do not partake in any strenuous activity, including swimming, for up to 7 days after receiving the doses. 

About JustSwim Singapore

Justswim Singapore was established in 2020 amidst Covid-19 by a group of dedicated coaches from various backgrounds of swimming, such as competitive swimmers, triathletes, and lifesavers. They specialise in private swimming lessons as they believe that it is more effective to learn swimming in small groups to stay focused and maximize the progression of the classes. Justswim Singapore is currently offering an obligation-free free trial lesson (worth $60!) at your preferred time and location so that you can experience their amazing swimming lessons first-hand.