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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Authorities in Talks to Release Lao and Foreign Workers From Golden Triangle SEZ

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Authorities of Bokeo are holding talks to discuss the release of Lao and migrant workers from the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

According to a report by Bokeo newspaper, all laborers including Lao and migrant workers, must test negative for Covid-19 before leaving the SEZ.

The Golden Triangle SEZ has been under a lockdown since early this month after workers left the SEZ and spread Covid-19 across several provinces of Laos.

Some 283 Lao workers who are to leave the SEZ will now be required to spend 14 days at a state quarantine center in Bokeo before being sent back to their home province.

The SEZ authorities have been asked by the Lao government to build quarantine centers to accommodate a 14-day quarantine for Lao laborers, as well as legal and undocumented migrants before they leave the SEZ.

Workers who test positive for Covid-19 must be treated at SEZ field hospitals without discrimination before being allowed to leave the SEZ.

Bokeo officials have coordinated with relevant sectors of the destination provinces to allow their residents to return home, meanwhile, laborers who wish to return to the SEZ will not be allowed to do so.

Authorities have urged all workers at the SEZ to strictly follow Covid-19 prevention and control measures during the lockdown period.

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