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The Grand Opening of the 2021 Nanhui Art Project – Turning Taitung into a Giant Art Museum

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TAITUNG, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 26 August 2021 – “The Nanhui Art Project-Sicevudan: Forward From Here,” has officially begun. Starting from August 2021, the indigenous villages found in the four townships of Taitung’s South Link will be home to inspiring art instillations.


Location: Flower field below Wangyou Valley, Jinzhen Mountain

Artist: Eric Chen/Taiwan

This year, the Nanhui Art Project is centered around Sicevudan, which means “converging with the universal source.” The Project will feature 14 groups of artists from Taiwan, Indonesia, South Africa and the US. The artists have utilized Taitung’s various natural resources while bringing together people from different backgrounds. Through this, they’ve created 14 art instillations that reflect their thoughts and feelings towards Taitung’s South Link.

Sicevudan is a Paiwan word that means “source” and “convergence.” In this case, it symbolizes art’s power to overcome ethnic and regional differences. The Project has produced different types of art instillations that complement Taitung’s stunning scenery. These 14 works have been placed at various locations along the South-Link Highway.

The Nanhui Art Project has also teamed up with indigenous villages, such as Lalaulan, Jinlun, Pacavalj and Tjuluqalju to host different activities. Local artists will share their creative experiences, host traditional handicrafts workshops, prepare indigenous meals, have singing performances and organize village tours. The Project is about more than just looking at some artwork. It’s an opportunity to get to know what makes the indigenous tribes of the South Link special.

【Tour Info】

“The Nanhui Art Project-Sicevudan: Forward From Here,”

Dates: 7/30/2021-11/14/2021

Location: The four townships of Taitung’s South Link-Taimali, Jinfeng, Dawu and Daren

Periodic updates regarding the event will be posted online. Please check back often.

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