Mayor of Vientiane Orders Curfew, Increased Covid Restrictions

Prime Minister of Laos Orders Vientiane Lockdown

The Mayor of Vientiane Capital has issued an urgent order increasing Covid-19 restrictions and imposing a curfew in the nation’s capital from today.

According to the notice, signed and sealed yesterday evening by Mayor of Vientiane Capital, Mr. Atsaphangthong Siphandone, residents of Vientiane must strictly comply with the Prime Minister’s order on measures for Covid-19 prevention and control, as well as new measures in place under the order.

The order cites the situation in neighboring countries, the influx of returning migrant workers from Thailand, and the failure of residents to respect Covid-19 restrictions in terms of parties and gatherings as reasons for the renewed community spread of the virus.

Under the order, new restrictions and prohibitions will remain in place until the situation can be controlled.

Residents in red zones across Vientiane Capital are prohibited from entering other provinces, while those in red zones of other provinces are be prohibited from entering Vientiane Capital, except for those authorized by the Covid Taskforce.

Parties and gatherings of all kinds are strictly prohibited at all locations, and those who violate this instruction will be placed in a state quarantine center or quarantine hotel, and will be fined, and will be required to pay for all damages caused by their behavior.

Meetings or conferences with more than 20 participants are prohibited, and Covid-19 prevention measures, including wearing facemasks and practicing social distancing, must remain in place at all times.

Karaoke bars, entertainment venues, tourism sites, night markets, food gardens, pubs (including grill and barbecue restaurants that serve alcohol), cinemas, snooker halls, massage parlors, spas, beauty parlors, and internet cafes are to remain closed.

Restaurants may remain open for dine-in but must ensure social distancing is maintained and must close by 21:00.

Indoor and outdoor sports centers such as fitness centers, gyms, badminton courts, football fields, petanque areas, martial arts stadiums, swimming pools, cockfighting rings, and other locations facilitating physical sports must close.

Road traffic across Vientiane Capital is prohibited from 22:00 until 5:00, except for freight transportation vehicles, emergency vehicles, and vehicles of the Covid Taskforce or government officials undertaking their work.

The stockpiling or raising prices of goods is strictly prohibited.

The sharing of fake news or disinformation to cause disturbance or panic is prohibited.

All customary and local borders are closed across Vientiane Capital, and transportation across the Friendship Bridge is prohibited, except for freight transportation vehicles or those authorized by the Covid Taskforce.

Schools and educational institutions at every level are to close across Vientiane Capital, including entrance examinations.

These increased restrictions will remain in place until the community spread can be controlled, according to the order.