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HDcourse launches free online SEO courses to help SMEs increase their organic traffic by 12 times in 6 months

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Hong Kong SAR – Media OutReach – 7 September 2021 – Customers who have just started to learn about search engine optimization should focus on search intent, backlinks, user experience, internet speed, etc. to save time and achieve maximum results. HDcourse launched free online SEO courses to help SMEs increase their organic SEO traffic by 12 times within 6 months.



HDcourse was established in 2019, and its courses cover SEO, WordPress, email marketing and digital marketing. This is an online learning course that supports short video teaching and is suitable for people who are studying on mobile phones and busy with work. Users can continue to learn anywhere.

One of the students from Malaysia had only 53,500 impressions and 1,240 clicks on Google 6 months ago. After learning and applying some search engine optimization techniques, there are now 583,000 impressions and 15,000 clicks, an increase in 6 months 12 times the natural flow rate and excellent results. HDcourse also provides SEO services.


The free SEO teaching courses provided by HDcourse are from the simpler to the deeper, even if the client does not have SEO knowledge, they can easily start. Our professional team integrates 10 factors that can improve the SEO of our clients and obtain organic traffic.


1. Search intention

The first is whether the content is aligned with the user’s search intention. There are many keywords that customers can put on the website, but the customer needs to know if the user enters those words, whether it means that they want to buy that thing. For example: Enter hand sanitizer, whether you want to know if there is a problem with that hand sanitizer, or you want to buy hand sanitizer.


2. Index

If the customer’s website is not indexed, there is no way to do search engine optimization, so the first step is to have the search engine index the content of the customer’s website one by one.


3. Backlinks

It mainly refers to how many other people’s website links point to the customer’s website. The more the better, the higher the quality, the higher the relevance will increase the customer’s ranking.


4. User Experience

For the time the user stays on the website, Google will know that the content is of poor quality or not relevant enough, so it will improve or downgrade the customer’s ranking.


5. Uniqueness of content

Try to write deep and rich content, enhance uniqueness, and achieve content optimization.


6. E.A.T. Expertise, Authority and Trustworthy

Whether the person who writes the content is an expert, the person who writes a weight loss method or health tips is a doctor in a certain hospital, in order to increase the authority and professionalism of the content.


7. Freshness of content

News is easy to get out of date, try to write some long-lasting content, such as weight loss methods, some methods maybe similar in ten years or so, to maintain a sense of freshness.


8. Click-Through Rate

If the customer’s title is added with numbers or attractive words, it will help the user to click and it will help the search engine.


9. Website Speed

The time to load the website should be within 2-4 seconds. Basically, mobile users will leave if they can’t load it within 4 seconds.


10. Responsive design

Users can easily browse the same website regardless of computer, tablet or mobile phone.

About HDcourse Limited

HDcourse provides SEO optimization services and training. It is founded and operated by people with more than 18 years of SEO and WordPress experience. It is based in Hong Kong and is committed to obtaining more traffic for SMEs to increase business opportunities. One-stop digital marketing solutions include: SEO, SEM, WordPress and Shopify website design.

Website: https://www.hdcourse.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ivansopage

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ivanso


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