Chinese National Arrested for Drug Trafficking in Vientiane Capital

Chinese national arrested for drug trafficking

Police in Vientiane Capital arrested a Chinese national on drug trafficking charges last week.

Vientiane Security News reports that a 22-year-old Chinese national identified as Mr. Tang Long, a resident of Nong Sanokham Village, Sikhottabong District of Vientiane Capital, was arrested after police were provided with a tip.

Police found a box of bananas with nearly one kilogram of Methamphetamines hidden in instant coffee packaging when searching a room rented by Mr. Tang Long.

They also discovered unregistered handguns and ammunition, as well as nine small packets of heroin, MDMA, and other illegal substances in the suspect’s room.

Mr. Tang Long admitted to authorities that he was hired twice to pack narcotic items, and was paid between CNY 400,000 to 700,000 (about USD 62,000 to 108,000) each time.

The man said that he was hired to hide illegal items in coffee packets before packing them into boxes of bananas and shipping them to the Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone.

“In April met another Chinese national at a casino at the Friendship Bridge in Vientiane Capital, and he offered me this job,” confessed Mr. Tang Long.

“I went to pick up the amphetamines at his room at a hotel at the Sang Jiang Chinese Market and returned to my room to package them.”

Authorities sent the man for a 14-day quarantine and a Covid-19 test, after which legal proceedings will be carried out.