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Laos Records Over 200 Cases of Community Spread of Covid-19

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The Covid Taskforce reported that 4,690 tests were conducted over the last 24 hours, with 288 new cases of Covid-19 recorded.

The country saw 219 cases of community spread of Covid-19, with nine cases in Vientiane Capital, 139 in Savannakhet, 44 in Champasack, 26 in Khammouane, and one case in Salavanh Province.

In Savannakhet, 135 people were infected with Covid-19 at prisons and detention centers.
Other cases occurred in Nalao, Oudomvilay, and Houamueang Neua villages, in Kaysone Phomevhanh City.

In Champasack, 36 cases were recorded in Pakse City, seven cases in Nonghed Village, Pathoumphone District, and one case in Khong District.

In Vientiane Capital, a 73-year-old woman from Pakkading District, Bolikhamxay Province who was admitted to Kasemrad Hospital with symptoms of fatigue and loss of appetite on 15 September tested positive for Covid-19 on the same day.

Three cases were discovered at the Dongmakkai Market in Vientiane Capital, while two cases were confirmed at the An Bi Lao factory.

Another case was also confirmed in relation to the Aussie Market when a 19-year-old stall owner residing in Donnoun Village, Xaythany District tested positive for the virus.

A 36-year-old man residing in Xiengyeun Village, Chanthabouly District tested positive at the 103 Hospital. He was admitted to the hospital on 10 September with a fever.

A police officer in Nonkeo Village, Sikhottabong District also tested positive for Covid-19, in connection with cases announced on 15 September.

Meanwhile, some 69 imported cases were recorded, with 44 in Salavanh, 14 in Savannakhet, seven in Vientiane Capital, two in Champsack, and two in Khammouane.

The country now has 3,938 active cases, with 16 confirmed deaths, while the total number of cases in Laos has now reached 18,347.

The Taskforce said today that there are now 20 red zones in Vientiane Capital, four red zones in Bokeo, 23 red zones in Savannakhet, and 45 red zones in Khammouane, with 21 villages in Champasack.


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