Bokeo-Xayaboury Bridge Over 66 Percent Complete

Bokeo-Xayaboury Bridge

The Konteun-Huaykeo Bridge, which spans the Mekong River to link Bokeo and Xayaboury provinces is more than 66 percent complete.

Bokeo newspaper reports that Head of the Bokeo Department of Public Works and Transport, Mr. Khamphet Phommasing, says the bridge pillars have now all been installed.

The 503-meter bridge connects Paktha District in Bokeo province with Khop District in Xayaboury province over the Mekong River.

The concrete and steel bridge is eight meters wide, with 1.8-meter-long walkways on either side.

Construction of the project began in October 2017, funded by the Lao government at over LAK 180 billion, to be completed within 36 months, according to Mr. Khamphet.

“Construction of the Konteun-Huaykeo Bridge on National Road No. 2243 has experienced delays due to a number of difficulties, including financing constraints, the project site’s remote location, and an abnormal Mekong River level,” said Mr. Khamphet.

“We are now attempting to speed up construction to meet our new deadline,” Mr. Khamphet added, saying it should open for public use next year.

After completion, the bridge will be critical for the region’s economic growth by increasing the flow of products, providing a shortcut for vehicles passing through the area, and facilitating commerce between Laos and Thailand.

It will also significantly cut travel time from Vientiane to Bokeo via Xayaboury.