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BMI Business Intelligence: Audience Analytics Launches TEAM SaaS

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TEAM “SaaS” redefines employee perspective in real-time

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 29 September 2021 – BMI Business Intelligence, a subsidiary of Audience Analytics Limited official launches its proprietary Total Engagement Assessment Model (“TEAM”) as a Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”).


TEAM provides business leaders and HR professionals with deep insight into their employee engagement level to better understand their employees’ perspective in real-time. The software licensing model is available on annual flat fee subscription plans.


“TEAM is a proven assessment product that is being used by thousands of businesses each year, including some of the world’s largest corporations. Today, we are taking the product a step further by making it available on a self-serve basis to corporate clients as well as small and medium enterprises”, says William Ng, managing director of BMI Business Intelligence.


TEAM is a robust, proven, and scalable assessment tool to help businesses better understand their workforce. Developed in partnership with leading thought leaders and industry practitioners; TEAM has now been deployed to over 1.5 million employees across 20,000+ organizations, serving as a valuable assessment tool, feedback loop and validation for employee experience and engagement.


The interactive TEAM dashboard provides 360-degree insights on employee engagement in real-time, which allows management to take immediate steps to improve engagement level, reduce attrition and supercharge productivity.


The TEAM model and assessment product took 3 years to develop, and has been tested extensively in 13 markets across Asia. On top of individualized scores and real-time feedback, businesses will receive comparative scores against their market and their industry, a first in HR analytics. 


Ng added, “our existing TEAM users agree that TEAM has been a valuable assessment tool in gathering employees’ feedback and as a validation of their employee experience and engagement efforts. More importantly, with over 1.5 million assessments done, we have deep insight into what makes or breaks employee engagement, especially in this region – making TEAM an essential service for businesses looking at enhancing their staff productivity and engagement level”.


The Ultimate Employee Engagement Barometer Powered by AI


TEAM establishes engagement levels in the organization and identifies areas of improvement for employee well-being, engagement and productivity. Some of the features of TEAM include:


1.    Real-time actionable insights: TEAM’s AI-powered employee engagement assessment provides users with engagement insights in real-time, so they could take action quickly to address flagged problems.


2.    Simple, intuitive dashboard: View employee engagement scores in a simple, intuitive dashboard that can be screenshot and used in internal reports. See the data changes real-time as each assessment is completed.


3.    Market specific landscape: TEAM algorithm offers industry-specific benchmark from over 20,000 organizations across a wide-spectrum of industries. With the Pro Version, get a deeper level of insight through tailored reports by comparing the results against industry and market (*availability varies by industry / market).


4.    Employee feedback analysis: TEAM’s AI and machine learning algorithm help discover hidden insights from open-ended employee feedback. Viewed as a heatmap, key discussion topics and feedbacks at-a-glance.


5.    Reduce unwanted attrition: TEAM’s AI-powered employee engagement assessment makes employee retention easier by identifying unhappy employees in real-time. Get to know their challenges and concerns instantly and take corrective action to retain them.


6.    Anywhere, anytime: Traditional employee engagement surveys are not only costly, but are often limited as an annual exercise. With TEAM, pay one flat fee for round-the-year assessment, and obtain immediate feedback as and when you need them. Your employee’s engagement level changes year-round, so why should your assessment be once-a-year?


To subscribe to TEAM, visit https://teamhr.org/


About BMI Business Intelligence

BMI Business Intelligence is a subsidiary of Audience Analytics Limited, a regional leader in enabling growth companies through data-driven brands. Our properties include media brands such as SME Magazine, HR Asia, Capital Asia, Energy Asia, Logistics Asia, TruthTV and CXP Asia, business impact assessment brands such as SME100, HR Asia Best Companies to Work for in Asia, Golden Bull Awards and CXP Asia Best Customer Experience Awards, trade and consumer exhibitions, and AI-driven growth analytics.


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