Laos Records 464 New Cases of Covid-19 and Two Deaths

Savannakhet Covid-19 Update

Laos has 464 new cases of Covid-19 today, with two new deaths confirmed in Savannakhet and Champasack.

The National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control reported that 6,393 tests were conducted across the country over the last 24 hours, with 464 new cases confirmed.

There were 437 cases of community spread and 27 imported cases across the country.

The country recorded two new Covid-19 deaths today, marking four deaths from Covid-19 this week.

A 48-year-old man from Phonsavang Tai Village in Kaysone Phomvihane District passed away after succumbing to Covid-19 at 9am at his home on 30 September after being discharged from the Savannakhet Provincial Hospital.

Another death has also been reported by the National Taskforce today, occurring in Champasack Province.

Community Spread in Vientiane Capital:
Vientiane Capital recorded 220 cases, with 37 cases in Naxaythong District,

17 cases were confirmed by the Beungkhanyong Testing Center, while 38 cases were recorded at the Chao Anouvong Testing Center, with 39 cases confirmed at the Sikeut Testing Center.

The Lao-Viet Highschool testing center confirmed 21 cases, while the Institut Pasteur du Laos confirmed 30 cases.

Settha Hospital recorded 12 cases, while the KM 27 quarantine center recorded 18 cases.

The Centre d’Infectiologie Christophe Merieux du Laos confirmed 33 cases.

Community Spread by Province:

In Luang Prabang Province, a total of 70 cases of community spread, with 41 in Ngoy District, 20 in Nambak District, eight cases in Xiengngeun District, and one case in Nan District.

In Champasack Province, 63 cases were recorded, with 11 cases in Pakse, 24 in Khong District, three in Phonthong District, seven in Pathoumphone District, 36 in Paching District, and one in Paksong District.

In Bokeo Province, 38 cases were confirmed, including two Chinese nationals and laborers working on the Tonpheung Airport.

In Savannakhet, 19 total cases were recorded.

In Vientiane Province, 15 cases were recorded with 12 in Vang Vieng, and three in Phonhong District.

In Khamouane Province, just five cases were confirmed, with cases in Thakhek District.

Total Cases:

Laos now has 5,691 active cases of Covid-19, with 20 confirmed deaths, and 24,310 total cases.

Meanwhile, 135 people recovered and were discharged from hospitals around the country yesterday.

There are now 296 villages designated as red zones around the country, over 34 districts, across ten provinces.

In Vientiane Capital, there are 120 red zone villages across seven districts.