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CPA Australia: Accounting Profession Support for Indonesia’s Net Zero Goal

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JAKARTA, INDONESIA – Media OutReach – 6 October 2021 – One of the world’s largest professional accounting bodies, CPA Australia, has joined 12 global accounting bodies to commit to net zero greenhouse gas emissions. CPA Australia says its participation in this global initiative can support Indonesia to achieve its own net zero goal.

Today’s global accounting profession commitment is an initiative of The Prince of Wales’ Accounting for Sustainability (A4S) Project Accounting Bodies Network (ABN), of which CPA Australia is a member. The ABN represents over 2.5 million professional accountants and students in 179 countries.

Earlier this year, the Indonesian Government set a goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2060. This creates a strong demand for qualified accounting professionals capable of steering Indonesia’s economy and business community towards net zero emissions.

CPA Australia acknowledges the impact of climate change and the urgency of taking action to achieve net-zero emissions. The accounting profession has a significant role to play. Accountants work in every sector of the economy. Achieving net zero emissions requires the skills and knowledge of accounting professionals, who are eager to help chart a course of action.   

CPA Australia Chief Executive Andrew Hunter said, “The accounting profession occupies a privileged position in the global economy. As trusted advisers, we’re privy to deep business insights about sustainability risks and opportunities. This knowledge creates an obligation to use our skills to protect our environmental heritage. CPA Australia is an international organisation in a global profession and we’re proud to be part of the joint response to climate change.”

Dr Adi Budiarso, FCPA (Aust.), Director of Financial Sector Policy Center, the Fiscal Policy Agency, The Ministry of Finance, Indonesia, echoed this sentiment. “The accounting profession can help Indonesia achieve its net zero goal by supporting companies to develop strategies to tackle climate change risk and meet international standards on climate change reporting.

“Adapting and mitigating climate change risk requires collaborative efforts by key stakeholders such as corporations, government, society and, of course, accounting professionals. We must work together on planning, reporting, monitoring, and auditing environment, social and governance outcomes for better future,” Dr. Budiarso said.

As part of our commitment, CPA Australia has pledged to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions within our organisation and to provide sound advice to governments for a just transition to a net zero emissions economy. We have also committed to providing training and guidance to our members to support them in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in their own organisations and businesses.

The Indonesian Government has recognised the importance of working in tandem with international bodies to strengthen the ESG capability of the talent pool in Indonesia. CPA Australia’s commitment aligns with the increasing demand for ESG competency building in Indonesia to meet the Sustainable Finance Regulation.

By signing this commitment, CPA Australia will be in a better position to support Indonesia with resources and training that will develop the ESG competency and capability of the accounting sector to achieve Indonesia’s net zero goal. 


Read about the Net Zero Commitment here.

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