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Nestlé Professional Singapore and TiffinLabs Empower F&B Businesses to become Cloud Kitchen Operators serving Plant-Based Food via Plug & Play Digital Restaurant Brands

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Traditional restaurants adopting the brands can see their delivery revenues grow 2-4x

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 6 October 2021 – According to Momentum Asia[1], Singapore’s food delivery market has charted US$2.4 billion in gross merchandise value in 2020 and the global cloud kitchen industry is expected to reach USD 1 Trn by 2030. According to Euromonitor, the exponential growth was accelerated by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Conscious consumption in Singapore also doubled in 2020, and demand for plant-based alternatives is growing, according to the “Surfing the Plant-based Wave in Singapore” report by abillion and Enterprise Singapore[2].

With the digitalisation of the food industry and the burgeoning consumer demand for plant-based food, Nestlé Professional Singapore and TiffinLabs have collaborated to co-create multiple plug & play digital restaurant brands which feature plant-based products from Nestlé Professional Singapore for traditional F&B businesses to operate.


The plug & play solution allows F&B operators such as restaurants, cafés, and bistros to digitalise by adopting and operating digital restaurant brands from TiffinLabs to provide more options for dine-in guests and online delivery consumers on top of their existing brands. This enables F&B operators to become a cloud kitchen themselves and tap into the burgeoning delivery market to earn at least 10% incremental revenues and over 25% incremental profits.


Nestlé Professional Singapore Penetrating the Plant-Based Space


Nestlé Professional is a part of Nestlé, the world’s largest food and beverage manufacturer, bringing Nestle’s diverse portfolio of culinary and beverage brands to foodservice operators in Singapore. Its team of dedicated professionals is committed to bringing the F&B industry to greater heights by providing thought leadership, engagement platforms, and relevant solutions.


In this collaboration, Nestlé Professional Singapore will bring to the table its nutritious plant-based and meat-free offerings from its HARVEST GOURMET® range, which includes Schnitzel, Chargrilled Pieces, and SENSATIONAL™ Burger. All products are manufactured using advanced production technology perfected in Europe, with a strict system of ingredient selection and quality control in place.


“In this strained climate, we are proud to partner with TiffinLabs to support local F&B businesses to create an additional source of revenue while creating amazing, plant-based and meat-free menu mainstays that are in line with the market’s demand. The uptake of plant-based foods among consumers has led to our optimism that this business segment will only continue to grow in the future,” says Paul Nagelkerken, Country Business Manager of Nestlé Professional Singapore.


TiffinLabs, a food tech company and global digital restaurant group, currently has a portfolio of 15 digital restaurant brands which it owns and licenses to F&B operators. Its digital restaurant brands that feature Nestlé Professional Singapore’s plant-based products from HARVEST GOURMET® include Phat Fingers and RBL Burgers.


Phat Fingers is a Korean fried chicken concept that offers tasty choices made with HARVEST GOURMET®’s plant-based offerings such as Psy’s Chicken Burger, Sweet Seoulmate Burger, Gangnum Cheeseburger, Nuclear Warhead Burger, and Harvest Chargrilled Poppers.


RBL Burgers makes its delicious plant-based burgers with halal-certified ingredients. It has four plant-based menu mainstays made with HARVEST GOURMET® offerings: Sensational Hamburger, Sensational Cheeseburger, Sensational Truffle Mushroom Cheeseburger, and Crispy Schnitzel Sandwich.


TiffinLabs’ Digital Restaurant Brands: The Future of eCommerce F&B

With TiffinLabs’ digital restaurant brands, F&B operators that are already paying for rent, equipment, and staff can turn their kitchen into a cloud kitchen with plug & play restaurant brands from TiffinLabs with zero upfront costs and minimal effort. F&B operators that choose to adopt brands featuring HARVEST GOURMET® offerings such as Phat Fingers and RBL Burgers will get their onboarding cost waived under the Restaurant Relief Fund.


TiffinLabs’ brands and menus are developed to meet the wants and needs of both consumers and F&B operators with dishes which taste great delivered and are easy to operate. TiffinLabs’ team of chefs, operations, and digital marketing experts ensure that F&B operators can simply sign-up, get activated with one or more TiffinLabs’ brands, and generate incremental revenues within two weeks.

  • Brand & marketing: On-trend digital-first brands with ongoing investments in city-wide campaigns to drive brand awareness and excitement of the digital brands.
  • Product & menu: Delicious yet easy-to-operate dishes with proprietary ingredients from HARVEST GOURMET® and packaging developed for kitchen staff to consistently recreate.
  • Training & operations: SOPs and on-site training by TiffinLabs’ culinary team with free consultancy on equipment usage to optimize efficiency.
  • Technology & BI solutions: Single tablet kitchen display solution that integrates Grab, Foodpanda and Deliveroo into a single device to streamline kitchen operations along with business intelligence support for managers and owners.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the digitization of the foodservice industry by 5 years with digital orders exceeding physical orders during the pandemic,” says Phuminant Tantiprasongchai (Nant), Co-founder of TiffinLabs. “Our mission is to lead an inclusive evolution of the foodservice industry by helping brick-and-mortar restaurants thrive in the new tech environment with our plug & play digital restaurant solutions. In addition, we are also excited to partner with Nestlé Professional Singapore to use their HARVEST GOURMET® products to create meat-free recipes that restaurants can adopt to reach more consumer groups.”


“The results of our partnership with TiffinLabs have been spectacular,” says Martin McGettigan, Managing Director of Boomarang. “Through operating three of TiffinLabs’ digital restaurant brands, we have seen an increase of more than $20,000 a month, without incurring any upfront costs and while using the same equipment, labour and utilities. Our kitchen has been producing a wider range of dishes that appeal to even more customers. This is an opportunity that yields great return on investment — for F&B businesses, it is a great boon during this uncertain period, as we now have the ability to create additional revenue streams.”


Royal Catering is one F&B caterer that has benefitted from TiffinLabs’ solution as well. “The onset of COVID-19 pandemic has adversely impacted our business, as events are scaled back and restrictions are tightened,” says John Lim, Director of Royal Catering. “The partnership with TiffinLabs has been a lifeline during this difficult time, as it allows us to extend our food offerings to individual customers, all while keeping our main business of large-scale event catering. We are able to maximise our kitchen, which would otherwise be severely underutilised, and continue to sustain our business.”


Restaurant Relief Fund

The Restaurant Relief Fund is a limited-time initiative by TiffinLabs to help restaurant and catering operators defray some costs associated with getting started with online delivery services with TiffinLabs digital restaurant brands during the ongoing pandemic.


From now till the end of October, TiffinLabs will absorb onboarding charges with Grab, Foodpanda and Deliveroo as well as tech integration and training costs for qualifying partners. This scheme allows new partners to save over $2,000 in costs, alleviating initial concerns to focus on fulfilling orders. Interested parties can call Gavin Lee at +65-98366638 or send an email to partner@tiffinlabs.com.

[1] Food delivery in South East Asia almost tripled in 2020, accelerated by COVID-19: https://thelowdown.momentum.asia/food-delivery-in-south-east-asia-almost-tripled-in-2020-accelerated-by-covid-19/

[2] Surfing the Plant-based Wave in Singapore: https://www.enterprisesg.gov.sg/-/media/esg/files/industries/food-manufacturing/abillion_x_foodinnovate_report.pdf?la=en


HARVEST GOURMET® is a plant-based food brand under Nestlé Professional. It inherits advanced production technology perfected in Europe and implements a strict system of ingredients selection and quality control. HARVEST GOURMET® commits to using familiar plant-based protein to produce tasty, healthy and innovative plant-based food for individual and professional foodservice customers.

For more information visit: https://www.nestleprofessional.com.sg/harvest-gourmet

About Nestlé Professional

Nestlé Professional is a part of Nestlé, the world’s leading nutrition, health, and wellness company. Its team of dedicated professionals is committed to bringing the F&B industry to greater heights by providing thought leadership, engagement platforms, and relevant solutions. It also supports foodservice professionals and businesses and their operations through the provision of high-grade ingredients and the sharing of operational knowledge.

Nestlé Professional Singapore carries a diverse portfolio of culinary and beverage brands such as MAGGI®, BUITONI®, MILO®, NESCAFÉ® MILANO, NESCAFÉ® ALEGRIA, NESTEA®, SJORA®, the new plant-based brand HARVEST GOURMET® and many more. It works with big and small F&B businesses, including international, local, and regional F&B chains, school canteens, hawkers, hotels, hospitals, full-service restaurants, cafés, and bakeries.

About TiffinLabs

TiffinLabs is Singapore’s leading global digital restaurant group founded by industry veterans with leadership experience at the world’s leading restaurants, hospitality, food delivery, and technology companies. A food tech disruptor, the company’s mission is to bring new in-home dining experiences to consumers and create opportunities for traditional restaurateurs.

TiffinLabs’ restaurant brands are carefully crafted by a world-leading culinary team informed by proprietary food trend analytics engine. Currently, it operates 15 brands across multiple cuisine categories in SEA and the USA.

For more information, visit: https://www.tiffinlabs.com/

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About Phat Fingers

Phat Fingers is a Korean fried chicken concept inspired by the playful and often messy affair of having delicious fried chicken with your hands. From yummy kimchi burgers to succulent wings in hot sauce, Phat Fingers offers a casual dining experience fit for any occasion.

In collaboration with Harvest Gourmet®, we are delighted to deliver an exciting protein alternative. Dive into a brand new sustainable eating experience with appetising meat-free meals designed to inspire all food lovers – with no compromises on taste and texture.

About RBL Burgers

Bold, indulgent and rebellious, RBL Burgers presents an extravagant and fulfilling gastronomic affair. From an array of big, juicy cheeseburgers to fries with mouth-watering toppings, enjoy the decadent goodness with abandon.

RBL Burgers is proud to bring the Harvest Gourmet® Sensational burgers series, offering meat-free alternatives to burger lovers who love the planet too! The latest addition to the RBL line-up is the Harvest Gourmet®’s Crispy Chicken Schnitzel sandwich – juicy and tender with a crispy crunch!

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