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Peruvian agri-food exports to Hong Kong continue to increase in 2021

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  • The export figures now surpass those of 2020 and position Hong Kong as the second leading Asian destination for Peruvian fresh foods.
  • The Commission for the Promotion of Peru, PROMPERÚ, is promoting chia and quinoa in Green Dot Dot supermarkets.

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 7 October 2021 – Peruvian agri-food exports to Hong Kong increased during the first months of 2021 rising to 100 million dollars in June. This data constitutes an increase of 53.9% compared to 2020.


Grapes, avocados and cranberries remain the most sought-after Peruvian fresh products in Hong Kong. Cranberries exports showed a big increase in 2021, they rose by 693.4% in value compared to the previous year.


In view of these results, PROMPERÚ continues to commit to promotion initiatives in Hong Kong points of sale, both at a retail level and in the restaurant sector.


In the Green Dot Dot supermarket chain, chia seeds and quinoa have been the products promoted since August and September.


Also, during November events and tastings are taking place of the Peruvian liquor par excellence: pisco. Under the name “Pisco Nights”, consumers in Hong Kong will be able to enjoy this drink and discover all of its production in several bars in the city of Hong Kong.


PROMPERÚ through its commercial office for ASEAN based in Bangkok, will continue to implement promotional actions in this market because there is still enormous development potential for Peruvian products.


Hong Kong is a large importer of agri-food products, where consumers greatly value quality and food safety, and commercial operators seek international companies that offer a good service along with experience of overseas shipping. The Peruvian offer covers all of these needs, and is the key to the success of our exports.


The main markets for Peruvian agri-food exports in Asia in 2020 were China ($182 million), Hong Kong ($158 million) South Korea ($116 million) and Japan ($89 million). In 2021 the figures have risen by +20% compared to the same period last year and even when compared to the performance of 2019.


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