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Nissan ALMERA – Over 20,000,000 Units Sold Since First Introduction

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Tan Chong Motor (Lao) Co. Ltd. (“TCML”), Sole and Exclusive Distributor of Nissan vehicles in Laos P.D.R. and a wholly-owned subsidiary of Tan Chong Motor Holdings Berhad (Malaysia), will soon launch Nissan’s Best Selling Global Sedan. Before that, let us dive into its long history.

1966-1969 – 1st generation 1000cc Nissan model was launched in Japan. Datsun Sunny is a small, 5 people car, that drives from highways to cities, is easy to maneuver, and was affordable for everyone.


1970-1973 – 2nd generations featured a larger 1.2L & 1.4L engine (first coupe in Japan) with balanced power, comfort, safety, and fuel economy.



1973-1977 – 3rd generations had a larger, curvaceous body and youthful image.

Sunny won 1st place for the fuel efficiency test administered by the USA Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).


1977-1981 – 4th generations 1.4L engine featured a wider windscreen and lower waistline to improve visibility and maneuverability of the family saloon.



1981-1985 – 5th generation was a revolution and a global success. A new front-wheel-drive (FF) layout and a new E-type OHC 1.3L and 1.5L front engine were introduced. Nissan added new factories in the US, Spain, and England to cater to the extra production.1983, this Sunny became the most produced model globally, overtaking the Volkswagen Golf and Toyota Corolla. The global car was sold in over 130 countries.


1985-1990 – 6th generation that followed was a quality-driven and well-balanced car.


1990-1994 – 7th generations’ evolution was developed with the concept of “stylish beauty and fun driving new super saloon sedan” with a sporty side, giving a higher class look and value for money.

1994-1998 – 8th generation revolutionary was a big shift in design and performance. It featured the world’s first combination of the multi-link and torsion beam type of rear suspension, which improved the ride and handling. The chassis design was based on the platform of Fairlady Z, Silvia, and Skyline.

1998-2010 – 9th generations rode on a brand new platform, new 4- direct-injection engine, smooth Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT), active headrests, and Brake Assist (Nissan invention). It focused on luxury and sophistication.


2010-2019 – 10th generation Almera is a proven and reliable stylish sedan that retains its DNA’s “luxurious and well-balanced family sedan” revolution from generations past that has made the model a global phenomenon over 50 years. This model itself has sold 2.7 million units in 108 Countries


2021 – The All-New Nissan ALMERA, soon-to-be launch in the Laos P.D.R will not only retains its good fuel efficiency, performance, comfort, convenience, advanced intelligent technology, safety, luxury, and driving pleasure; it will also be affordably priced and comes standard with plenty of eye-catching exteriors and interior details.

Soon to be available in the next few weeks, the vehicle has a sleek and sporty design with a high-quality interior. Plus, the latest innovative technology of Nissan Intelligent Mobility is equipped in this new sedan vehicle. So stay tuned for the official launch.

For more information on all Nissan models in Laos, please visit Nissan Laos’ website at www.nissan-lao.la or follow Nissan Laos’ Facebook Page at fb.com/NissanLaos/.

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