Woman Appeals to Social Media After Neighbor Walls Off Property

Neighbor walls off property
A wall restricts access to a woman's home.

A resident of Vientiane Capital has taken to social media pleading for assistance after her neighbor constructed a wall preventing her from entering or exiting her home.

Well-known social media page Tholakhong shared the story, with the Facebook user complaining that her neighbor had built a two-meter wall completely surrounding her property in Somvang Tai Village, in Vientiane’s Hatsaifong District, preventing access.

According to the woman, when new owners moved into the house in front of her, they began constructing a wall around the property.

“After the home was sold, the new owners blocked the public laneway that provided us access, saying the road was their property. They refused to allow anybody through,” said the woman.

A coffin is lifted over the wall as access is completely blocked.
A coffin is lifted over the wall as access is completely blocked.

To make matters worse, the woman’s grandmother passed away after the wall had been constructed, with the unfriendly neighbors preventing the entry of funeral attendees.

“My grandmother passed away and these neighbors would not permit us to pass until the village authorities forced them to knock down two meters of the wall,” the woman added.

According to the officially listed land title, a public access road exists which leads to the woman’s property at the end of the laneway.

Under article 59 of the Lao Law on Urban Planning (Revised version), residents and business owners must submit a letter of proposal to authorities before constructing or demolishing a structure.

Article 45 of the law states that each land lot must be connected to an access road or route, as well as water supply and electricity, making any blockage of access roads illegal.