Holman Management Consultant provides professional consulting services to apply for government funding, assists clients in completing TVP technology voucher applications


HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 18 October 2021 – The technology voucher/ TVP application was first launched in November 2016. The purpose of the technology voucher is to subsidize local SMEs to use technology services and solutions through using technology vouchers to enhance productivity and to upgrade and transform their businesses. Holman Management Consultant Limited, a Web Design company, acknowledges that the application process of the technology vouchers is often challenging. Therefore, the company aims to support TVP applicants in the technology voucher application process by overcoming the crucial application stages such as requesting quotations and submitting TVP application forms and materials required for technology voucher applications.


Companies that succeeded in the technology voucher application are granted a technology voucher subsidy for their online retailing platforms and online stores.


TVP applications are very similar to the applications of general government projects. Technology voucher applicants must provide sufficient evidence to prove that their business projects can promote improvement, transformation, and increase the productivity of their businesses. The required supporting documents for the TVP application include:

1) Copy of a valid business registration certificate 1(a) or a certified copy of the company registration form NAR1

Copies of all supporting documents of the actual business (such as recent invoices/receipts, commercial contracts, recent audited accounts, etc.)

2) Copy of the ID card of the signatory of the TVP application

3) Copy of valid business registration certificate of technical consultant (if applicable)

4) Copy of all sent quotation invitations/invitation letters

Certified copies of quotations for various expenses, including audit fees (if applicable)


Holman Management Consultant is a Website Design Company that provides professional technology voucher/ TVP application services, as well as a variety of IT services, such as web design, website design, online store APP making, online store opening, and online store platform optimization.


In addition, Holman Management Consultant Web Design company also provides services such as EMF SME marketing fund, SME marketing fund, SME funding, BUD special fund, corporate support plan, financial advisory, insurance buying, medical insurance, group medical care, Voluntary Medical Insurance Scheme, Labour Insurance, Work Insurance, Mandatory Provident Fund Account Opening Service, and Mandatory Provident Fund Services, to help companies in making good use of government resources, as well as enhancing market competitiveness.