Health Authorities in Laos Prepare Covid-19 Self-Care Handbook

Laos to allow Covid-19 recovery at home
Laos to allow Covid-19 recovery at home.

Health authorities in Laos plan to allow people infected with Covid-19 with mild symptoms to isolate at home in the near future.

According to a handbook issued this month by the Department of Healthcare and Rehabilitation under the Ministry of Health, authorities aim to enable patients infected with Covid who have moderate symptoms to recover at home.

It is believed the National Taskforce for Covid-19 Prevention and Control will make a formal announcement giving the green light to Covid self-care in the coming days.

Minister of Health, Dr. Bounfeng Phommalaysith, noted in the handbook that Laos is dealing with an outbreak that is having a major impact on public health, people’s livelihoods, and the country’s economic development.

The government is now attempting to expand healthcare facilities for coronavirus patients, whose numbers are growing on a daily basis across the country, says Minister Bounfeng Phommalaysith.

“If the volume of Covid-19 infections continues to rise, healthcare facilities may become overrun. As a result, it’s critical to find a sort of treatment for mild cases that can be implemented at home,” he said.

“Health officials have put in place strong preventative measures since virus variants became known. These are continuously changing, as well as the transmissibility of the virus,” Dr. Bounfeng added.

The handbook is aimed at providing guidance for asymptomatic patients or those with mild cases of Covid-19 as a basis for action in circumstances when the number of Covid patients exceeds the capacity of hospitals or health care facilities.

The manual covers four topics including prioritizing those who can be hospitalized or cared for at home, assessing patients’ physical and mental condition, preventing family members from becoming infected, and knowing when to contact medical personnel for a referral to hospital.