Revolutionary FWD Care recovery plan provides unique rehabilitation support and care


Recovery nurse to assist customer recovery journeys with tailored physical and emotional support

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 11 November 2021 – FWD Insurance (‘FWD’) is reimagining critical illness recovery support with the new FWD Care recovery plan (‘FWD Care’), a six-month recovery programme designed to offer critical illness survivors with tailored physical and emotional support assisted by a registered Recovery Nurse. The plan is available for FWD customers with individual medical, Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (‘VHIS’) or critical illness insurance (‘Medical and Critical Illness Insurance’), who are survivors of cancer, heart attack or stroke. It also takes care of bereaved family members, providing emotional support services in the unfortunate cases of customers passing away (See Appendix 1 for details).



FWD’s revolutionary FWD Care recovery plan provides physical and emotional support through a 6-month tailored programme to customers surviving from cancer, stroke, and heart attack, who would be assisted by a registered Recovery Nurse throughout the whole recovery journey.


Demand for recovery support is soaring as medical advances increase critical illness survival rates. Studies show that cancer, stroke, and heart attack are becoming more common among the 25 to 44 age group[1],[2],[3] whose chances of survival are higher. However, typical recovery plans in Hong Kong usually only provide treatment summaries and health care information[4]. FWD Care aims to fill this service gap with a suite of professional and personalised psychosocial and physical rehabilitation services.

Kelvin Yu, Chief Product Officer of FWD Hong Kong & Macau, said, “FWD Care takes a holistic approach in closing the recovery service gap with bespoke support for our customers and their family members that meet their physical and emotional needs. By launching FWD Care, we aspire to enhance the post-claim experience for our customers as we continue realising our commitment to providing ‘better coverage, more comprehensive protection’.”

FWD Care covers a wide range of professional services and immediate care, ranging from consultation services provided by physiotherapists, sports therapists, Chinese medicine practitioners, dietitians, and clinical psychologists to home assistants and transportation services. The assigned Recovery Nurse will personalise a care plan and be at the customer’s side throughout the whole recovery journey once the claims are approved. This hassle-free service ensures that customers can focus on their recovery, overcome their emotional challenges, and prepare for lifestyle readjustments. 

FWD Care is also available for bereaved families of deceased customers with an approved death benefit claim from FWD. It provides a family member, who is the spouse, a child, or a parent of the diseased customer, six months of emotional support and home care services. During this time, a Recovery Nurse will help the family member cope with grief and assist in resuming a normal life.

Appendix 1

FWD Care recovery plan provides timely physical and psychological support to the following customers in need:

–       Insured persons of FWD’s individual Medical and Critical Illness Insurance plans who have successfully claimed their crisis benefit or reimbursed their hospitalisation and surgical expenses or hospital cash for cancer, heart attack or stroke, which are the most common critical illnesses in Hong Kong; or

–       An immediate family member (i.e. spouse, child, or parent) of the deceased insured person with an approved death benefit claim from FWD.


Service flow of FWD Care recovery plan:

1.       Reach out by FWD: Once the eligible claim is approved from now until 30 June 2022 (both dates inclusive), FWD will contact the insured person or an immediate family member of the insured person.

2.       Provide consent: The insured person or immediate family member will receive a request for consent to the terms of the service, including the consent for the transfer of personal data needed for FWD Care to provide services.

3.       Hear from a nurse: An assigned Recovery Nurse will contact the participant and be a companion throughout the recovery journey.

4.       Get the support you need: The Recovery Nurse will discuss and coordinate the support services best suited for the participant after he/she has completed the first consultation with a clinical psychologist or cardiologist.

5.       Plan completion: The FWD Care recovery plan lasts for six months with full access to the Recovery Nurse during the period.


The FWD Care recovery plan is provided by third-party service providers. FWD will not be responsible or liable for any services offered by the third-party providers under the plan. Terms and conditions apply to the plan. For details, please visit


If the insured person did not use the FWD Care recovery plan before passing away, one of his/her family members (include spouse, children or parents of the insured person) can enrol the counselling and/or home assistant services for free one time upon the approval for the death claims of the insured person.

[1] Source: International Medical Centre (Hong Kong) ‘Interesting Trends in Cancer Incidence in Hong Kong’

[2] Source: The Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong “Secret of the stroke” ‘(中風之迷)’

[3] Source: HK01’s news article with the title of “The tendency of early incidence of heart attack – Bad habits may cause heart attack”  ‘(年輕化趨勢?生活壞習慣隨時出現突發性心臟病’)

[4] Source: The University of Hong Kong Jockey Club Institute of Cancer Care ‘How to prevent lost in transition? – Self-management-based cancer survivorship clinic’

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